Calviño puts Elena Manzanera, director of the Andalusian Institute of Statistics, at the head of the INE

There is already a name for the presidency of the INE (National Institute of Statistics): Elena Manzanera, director until now of the Institute of Statistics and Cartography (IECA) of Andalusia, according to has advanced ABC and has been able to confirm Manzanera will succeed the previous president of the organization, Juan Rodríguez Poo, who left the post in June amid disagreements with the government over various methodological issues regarding the measurement of GDP and inflation. Vice President Nadia Calviño finally opts for Manzanera, with a long career in the Andalusian statistical body and who came to direct it during the PP's mandate in the Andalusian Government, in February 2019.

The president of the INE resigns, whose replacement was finalized by the Government

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Born in Seville in 1967, she has a degree in Economics and Business Sciences from the University of Seville. She has completed the doctoral program 'Methodology and Analysis of the Andalusian Economy' in the Department of Applied Economics II of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Seville, she collects her profile in the IECA.

The economist has a technical profile, with a long career of three decades in the Andalusian statistical agency. In 1990, she joined the institute "holding until 1997 the positions of technical advisor in Situation Analysis and chief of staff for Regional Accounting." She has also been head of the Tourism Planning and Analysis Service in the General Directorate of Tourism Planning (1997-2001) and head of the Studies Service of the General Directorate of Andalusian Studies (2001-2004). "She Since then she has held the position of Deputy Director of the Area of ​​Coordination, Communication and Method of the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia", points out the IECA.

It is imposed on the name of Israel Arroyo

The appointment of Elena Manzanera has been made official in the Council of Ministers this Monday, the last one before the summer break. The election of Vice President Nadia Calviño is thus imposed on other names that sounded to succeed Juan Rodríguez Poo, especially that of the former Secretary of State for Social Security and former 'number two' of Escrivá, Israel Arroyo.

Arroyo resigned on May 21 from his post for "personal reasons", such as fatigue due to the great activity of the post, pointed out from the Ministry of Social Security. From the Escrivá department they indicated that Israel Arroyo would return to AIReF, an organization in which he previously worked.

A few days later, The Confidential noted that the economic vice president would put him in charge of the INE, as a substitute for Rodríguez Poo (still in office). Back then, at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, he insisted that no one had been elected to the post yet and that the candidacy of Israel Arroyo, a person of great confidence to Minister Escrivá, was just a rumour.

After the publication of the news and the subsequent resignation of Juan Rodríguez Poo while the Government planned his dismissalFrom the political opposition –especially from the PP and Ciudadanos– criticism was accumulated for what they called an attempt at “political control” of the statistical agency by the Government.

Finally, the name chosen by Vice President Calviño can neutralize criticism from both parties, since Elena Manzanera has a long career in statistics, which reinforces the technical profile for the position, and because she was elected to the coalition executive of both right-wing formations in the Junta de Andalucía to direct their regional statistics institute.

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