Calviño insists on the urgency to reinforce gas interconnections

Calviño insists on the urgency to reinforce gas interconnections

The economic vice president, Nadia Calviño. / ef

The economic vice president recalls the "privileged" position of Spain in having almost 50% of its production from renewable sources

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The war in Ukraine and Russian gas exports in question, the Spanish Government insists on the message that in recent weeks it has made an effort to transmit to its European partners: the capacity of electrical interconnections must be accelerated and the interconnection reinforced gas.

This has been revealed once again this Saturday by the economic vice president, Nadia Calviño, in the program 'Ici l'Europe' on France 24, collected by Europa Press, in which she has assured that an important part of the Plan will be invested of Recovery in developing green hydrogen, which means that "Spain can be an important player in the production of energy in Europe".

The vice president insists that strengthening interconnections is key to "creating a true internal market in the European Union, something that does not exist now." The idea is to unite Spain and Portugal with the rest of Europe for the supply of gas and electricity and, also, for renewable energies.

At this point, Calviño recalled that Spain has a privileged role "because almost 50% of its energy generation comes from renewables", between solar, wind and hydro. "We will also invest part of the recovery plans in developing green hydrogen," he insisted.

The minister has also alluded to the intense negotiations with Europe to find common solutions to the rise in energy. And although the Government did not achieve its plan for joint action to cap the price of gas, it did manage to get the Commission to recognize the Iberian exception so that Spain and Portugal can adopt special measures to achieve the objective.

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