Calviño does not see the discouragement of GDP worrisome

Calviño does not see the discouragement of GDP worrisome

The Minister of Economy and Business, Nadia Calviño, has assured in the program "Mas de Uno" of Onda Cero that does not feel worried about the reduction of the speed of growth in Spain: "Growth rates continue to be far superior to those of our surrounding countries. "

"The growth forecasts of all the major economies have just been revised downwards and the IMF has maintained that of Spain, and we have entered 2019 on the right foot," stresses the minister. Regarding the labor reform, Calviño has pointed out that the important thing is an economy that creates employment. "They are very remarkable figures and superior to other times of the past. You just have to change some elements that generate precariousness. "

Calviño believes that the General Budgets of the State will go ahead and she feels quite convinced of it, since she sees "very difficult for political parties to oppose because they are very balanced". Regarding the tax increase, the minister argued that "does not imply new tax measures", and that it's about taking measures to grow in the medium and long term to achieve a more solid and prosperous economy.

On the other hand, Calviño reminds that the Autonomous Communities and the Town Councils are the ones that are best placed to look for solutions to the taxi conflict. It also rejects episodes of violence that have occurred. On Venezuela, think that the Government of Sanchez "must have a responsible attitude because there are many Spaniards living there and many Venezuelans in Spain. "


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