Calviño denies contradictions with Montero over the budget extension

Calviño denies contradictions with Montero over the budget extension


The Minister of Economy and Business, Nadia Calviño, has defended on Tuesday that she and the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, they have said "exactly the same" about an eventual extension of the General Budgets of the State of 2018, that is to say, that the "plan A" of the Government is to obtain the support to carry out the budget draft that has been proposed.

Calviño has affirmed that "We both said exactly the same thing, which is that we are working for the adoption of budgets and the system provides a mechanism if this is not achieved. I do not see any contradiction at all ».

The Minister of Economy has responded like this after being asked about the words of her colleague Montero, who this morning has assured that the Government "at all" contemplates a budgetary extension, but is immersed in an "intense" work of negotiations.

Calviño recalled that, in his statements this Monday, he stressed that the "plan A" of the Executive is to work for «Build consensus» with the rest of the political groups to carry out the accounts.

In this sense, he added that they are still working on Plan A: "It is clear that There are several options if that plan is not met. But we are not there, we are in the negotiation phase, of building consensus, of trying to unite the maximum possible support. We are not ready to make another decision, "he reiterated on Tuesday.

Thus, he insisted that the budgetary "extension mechanism" «Is foreseen in the legal system», while stressing that he has not even considered the consequences of this option. "It seems totally premature for me to make an assessment on Plan B, our energy and our focus are on Plan A," he stressed.


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