Calviño claims “that we all row in the same direction” to take advantage of European funds

The First Vice President of the Government and Minister of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, has demanded this Monday “that we all row in the same direction” to take advantage of the “extraordinary opportunity” of the recovery funds and ensure that the recovery “is not a temporary rebound “.

The keys to the circular economy: how "redesign" the way of producing to make it fairer

The keys to the circular economy: how to “redesign” the way of production to make it fairer

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“We have a good plan, we have the resources and the necessary determination to deploy them and now what is needed is that we all row in the same direction; that we have the collaboration of public administrations, political representatives, social agents, from the private sector, from the entire citizenry “, Calviño pointed out during his speech at the closing of a conference on Circular Economy organized by

“Only by acting in the same direction can we take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity,” said the vice president, who made this call for unity shortly after the employers have taken down this Monday from the agreement on the equity of pensions to ensure its sustainability.

The vice president has pointed out that “the recovery is underway”, it is “intense” and it is “progressively reaching all layers of society”, with the job market returning to pre-pandemic levels. “The challenge is that it is not a temporary rebound” and for this “the recovery plan is essential”, which contains “a roadmap of very important reforms” to mobilize the 140,000 million public investments that it contemplates until 2026.

The vice president has affirmed that the Spanish “have many reasons” to be “proud”, such as the success of the vaccination campaign. And he has appealed to face the “challenge” of “intergenerational justice” so that the “unprecedented” debt issuance carried out in the last year and a half to contain the blow of the crisis after the pandemic does not become “a drag on future generations “.

The vice president has indicated that “Spain is the country that is more advanced in the deployment of the recovery plan” and has trusted that it will reach “cruising speed” next year. He assured that in this area “the circular economy is one of the key levers” and it will be “one of the great opportunities for the coming years”.

“It is more efficient to save, reuse, recycle, than destroy and rebuild”, and that is “the same approach” that has guided the Government’s response to the pandemic to protect the productive fabric, family income and avoid “damage huge social “. “It is much more efficient to protect than to let something be destroyed,” said a Calviño who has declared herself “not optimistic”, but “realistic.”


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