Calviño appeals to the consensus so that Spain has “a strong voice in Europe”

The Vice President of the Government and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, has appealed this Sunday to the consensus and collaboration of all political formations in defending common approaches so that Spain can have “a strong voice in Europe”.

“If Spain wants to have a strong voice in Europe, it is important that all political parties are aligned,” Calviño responded during an electoral act in A Coruña to a question about the negotiation to receive more community funds for the reactivation after the coronavirus.

In her presentation, the Vice President of the Government considered that countries should emerge “together” from this crisis, “at least at the level of the European Union”, an objective for which Spain, she has assured, has worked “very intensively” since the first weeks of the health emergency.

“We have made a lot of progress,” said the state head of the economy, who has valued the fact of having a first safety net in financing that allows covering measures such as temporary employment regulation files (ERTE) and providing financial stability. future state actions.

In any case, Calviño has pointed out that any relaunch plan in the future should be financed through the issuance of debt at the European level and has pointed out that meetings will be held in the coming weeks “at the highest level” to “define that solution in the long term deadline for the economy ”.

The current proposal of the European Commission – he added – starts from a “good base”, by betting on establishing a “strong” multiannual financial framework and creating a “financial recovery fund of up to 750,000 million euros” for credits and transfers to states, so that they can carry out reform and investment plans.

The vice president of the state Executive and candidate for the presidency of the Eurogroup has settled that this crisis is “very different” from previous ones and, for this reason, has insisted that Spanish political parties should contribute to strengthening a common position throughout the country .

Calviño has also been asked by journalists about the initial procedures for the preparation of new general state budgets, a subject on which he referred that Spain is experiencing a “relatively exceptional situation” as the accounts of the former Executive have been extended on several occasions. Mariano Rajoy and that, for this reason, the Government is working to create new budgets “that respond to the priorities” of this moment.


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