Calviño affirms that he has not discussed with Díaz a rise in the minimum wage



The Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Economic Affairs and for Digital Transformation, Nadia calviño, has assured this Thursday that
the possible increase in the minimum wage (SMI)
"It has not been discussed or discussed" within the Executive, nor has any decision been made in this regard, nor has it discussed with the third vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz.

At the same time, the Minister of Economic Affairs recalled that the Government has been guided by "prudence" and should be imposed, given that the "priority" is to promote economic and employment recovery. "I think we did well in December to be prudent and he has to continue guiding us with a clear priority which is to boost economic recovery, boost job creation," he defended in statements to Cadena SER where avoided ruling on the conclusions of the report commissioned to the experts to close the gap and that the SMI reaches 60% of the average salary engaged.

"We are the government that has increased the interprofessional minimum wage the most, by 30%, which has no comparison with any other European country," claimed Calviño, ensuring that the Executive is "committed to continuing to improve employment conditions and increasing employment. minimum wage in the remainder of the legislature.

But immediately afterwards he specified that This commitment must be made "compatible" with "not having a negative impact on job creation, particularly young people, who are the most vulnerable and those most affected by the pandemic and a possible rise in the minimum wage. "I hope that as soon as possible we will have a situation of economic growth and job creation that will allow us to resume that path," he remarked.

Regarding the Housing Law and on how to address the rise in rents, where there are also divergent positions in the Coalition Government, Calviño stated that "what is on the table is precisely the proposal of Minister Ábalos" be aware that there was an agreement, although he expressed his confidence that "there will be soon".

"I have no news that there has been an agreement, but I hope there will be soon (...) It is public that there are different points of view and it is obvious that an agreement must be reached and that it be a balanced bill. It is not about putting a price or regulating or prohibiting in a normative text, but about acting on different elements of the market, "he stressed.

In another vein, Calviño ruled out reviewing the economic growth forecasts for now even though all the indicators are positive. I don't see the need. In any case in autumn is when we would have to review them, "he recalled.

Asked if she thinks that Spain "is going to leave", as the president of Banco Santander, Ana Botín, ventured yesterday, Calviño stressed that her perception is that in Spain "there is a lot of talent and a lot of desire" and that both European funds and Savings will boost the economy in the second part of the year.

"We have to take advantage of so that it is not a temporary rebound," said the vice president, who pointed out that yesterday, during her visit to the Círculo de Economía in Barcelona, ​​she perceived an atmosphere of "optimism" and that what it is about now is that the productive sector and the services put "cruising speed as soon as possible" so that the supply goes hand in hand with the stimulus of the demand.

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