Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

Calviño advocates protecting workers instead of stopping activity

The Vice President of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, criticized this Wednesday the “noise” of the requests for a total closure of the economy because the Government’s priority is to protect workers and not stop activity.

In an interview on Radio Nacional de España, Calviño insisted that “economic activity has already stopped a lot” in Spain with containment measures for the coronavirus and recalled that, for example, the plastics industry has to function to provide respirators or cement to treat sanitary waste.

“The priority does not have to be stopping the activity”, which “perhaps has an effect that is not the desired one”, but “protecting the workers”, stressed the vice president, who puts the “emphasis” on the workers have the necessary protective equipment.

The vice president pointed out that the Government is studying different measures to help the most vulnerable groups “weather the crisis as well as possible”, although she has insisted that the suspension of the payment of rent may have “collateral damage” if there is a small owner who depends on those funds to live.

Regarding the role of the European Union in this crisis, Calviño has hoped that “reason prevails” and the countries reluctant to implement stimulus measures or common debt issuance realize that this crisis “has nothing to do with it. do with the previous ones “and it will come” sooner or later “to everyone.

The vice president has advocated reinforcing “the political and social element of European construction” in order to design a plan that will allow the economy to relaunch once the health crisis is over and that the European institutions go into debt to finance the effort that the countries to fight the virus.


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