Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Call the strike and ask to redistribute wealth against the Coronavirus

The singer expresses her wishes for “communion” with the Coronavirus and the networks are burning with jokes

With the message “communion goes beyond the walls” and three red roses, Britney Spears has shared on her networks a message of encouragement from the writer Mimi Zhu with content that aims to help cope with the quarantine while the health emergency lasts for the Coronavirus. However, the content of the message goes further, towards political criticism that has raised equal criticism and jokes against the singer.

The message goes like this: “During these times of isolation, we need to connect more than ever. We will learn to kiss and hug each other through internet waves. We will feed each other, we will redistribute wealth, we will strike. We will understand our own importance from the places where we must stay. Communion goes beyond the walls. We can still be together, “says the shared image. In the United States, the redistribution of wealth is practically a communist message and the networks have burned with memes and jokes about “Comrade Britney”.

Here, some already anticipated their ideological turn with the red five-pointed star.

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