Call for help to save the Canarian Federation

Jose Antonio Caballero / p. Kings

Caballero, president of the management company, urges to obtain almost 70,000 euros pending an embargo and that compromises the future of the institution

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The president of the manager of the Canarian Federation of Canarian Wrestling
José Antonio Caballero, after almost two months in office, is still determined to find solutions to the financial problems that he has inherited, but without entering into controversy with anyone. With that conciliatory tone of which he has always been a worker in the managerial field, he reveals the reality of a complex situation.

«The Government of the Canary Islands called me and I will always be for the Canarian struggle, although I also said that if there was another person who was responsible, they should appoint her because I was in the previous Governing Board and they could think that I was looking for a position. If that were the case, I would have stayed in Gran Canaria». This is how he talks about how he had reached the manager.

He makes it clear that he has nothing to do with the resignations of his colleagues from the previous board. «
They say that I convinced the directors to resign and that is not the case. Seven directors and one alternate resigned. After I left, Jorge Pulido, the colonel, and Pedro de Fuerteventura, the substitute, left. Everyone is there to ask. They rather informed me that they wanted to leave. I tried to get them to stay until the competition started, but they couldn't take it anymore."

And he does not seek confrontation for his departure from the previous board of directors: «Caballero left the Federation because I have another way of doing things, I am to delegate more. He does not want to say that mine is the valid one, but I do this because I like it and if it is not possible to advance, in my opinion, I stay at home ».

The panorama that has been found could not be more worrying, judging by the economic details that it provides: «We had a debt from a subsidy that had been granted for 25,000 euros to buy computers and furniture, from when I was in the Regional Federation, but they were not bought because he said there was nowhere to put them and now 26,200 euros must be returned before June 20, but we just did it. In the general account there were about 103,000 euros and 18,000 euros in the mutual account.
The problem is that in addition to the 25,000 just returned, there was a subsidy of 130,000 euros and from there they collected an embargo of 69,392 that came from the Supreme Court and we have to look for that money with private money because with public money you cannot pay debts« .

“In addition, there was another subsidy of 145,000 euros and 89,000 must be returned because it was not executed and the expense could only be made to hold events, training courses and actions that are not competitive. It was also worth to carry out the digitization of the wrestling federation, improve the web, digitize its services. The subsidy was received on December 28, but they told me that it was already known that it would arrive at the end of that month. If I had been responsible, we would have talked to them to make the web page, make the syllabi for the courses and those 89,000 euros could have been invested in these actions or digitization. It was not done, but the companies could have been told to prepare the invoices and as soon as the money came in, the transfer was made.
Now you have to return those 89,000 euros, plus the 69,000 of the embargo, plus the 26,200, these already paid. From the Mutual, the receipt for August is due 70,000 euros. The problem is that the Government gave 130,000 euros of aid for licenses. If there are 2,200 licenses at 80 euros, they are about 176,000 euros, plus the 130,000 make about 306,000 euros and the policy is worth 270,000 euros for an increase in licenses, so there should be about 24,000 euros left over.

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