February 27, 2021

California forces robots to identify themselves in calls or emails

As of this Monday, companies that use robots to contact citizens through calls or emails, popularly known as "bots", should identify themselves in California (United States) and alert the recipient that they are "talking" with an entity non-human.

The 1001 law of the California state senate, which came into force this Monday, requires that communications with these machines, increasingly common in areas such as advertising or customer service, are transparent from the start and that the user know who you are talking to

In this way, one of the first phrases that will be exchanged from now on in this type of conversations will be something like "hello, I am a robot", with the aim of avoiding the deceptive or deliberately confusing way in which they are sometimes used These robots to influence the behavior of people.

Along with the "bots", almost a dozen laws came into force in California this Monday, one of the most talked about is the increase in 6 cents per gallon the price of gasoline, so that from now on Taxes on fuel in the state now amount to 61 cents per gallon.

California thus becomes the US state. with a higher tax on gasoline, above Pennsylvania, that with almost 59 cents per gallon occupied that position to date.

The state authorities hope to raise an extra 54 billion dollars with this tax increase in the next ten years, and California voters showed their support for the measure last November, when they rejected in a referendum a motion for the tax increase to be canceled .

Another outstanding law that was implemented on Monday is the prohibition on hunters to use any type of ammunition that contains lead, as it is highly toxic and is making it difficult to protect the California condor, a threatened native bird. .

During the hunt, the lead of the pellets is scattered through the forest, and several investigations indicate that it is the main cause of death by poisoning the majestic Californian bird, as well as affecting other species of birds such as owls, hawks and eagles. .

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