Calamaro, love in times of ibuprofen

Calamaro, love in times of ibuprofen

"Music is time and it's air. Calling it vibration seems too cold, "he said yesterday Andrés Calamaro while they reverberated on the walls of the room the last notes of "Cargador la suerte", the new album from argentinor, that will leave soon, but that presented / displayed with some means in Madrid, its second house. "I have that habit of listening to records, even of staring while I listen to the speakers, as if they were a TV. I have that kind of habits, "acknowledged the rocker, who has lost other customs in return, of that there is no doubt. Dress of rigorous black and with enough mental freshness, he went from subject to subject with the excuse of the "mystery of music" and the presentation of an unexpected album in a new record company, Universal, and written together with Gustavo Borner and Germán Wiedemar . After "Romaphonic Sessions" and "Volume 11", this album supposes a return of the Argentine to the rock of guitars.

For example, the title of the album, which is an expression of bullfighting, took us to foals places. Charging luck is something more than getting close to the bull, it is putting the leg, offering it in luck. "But that's something no one does anymore. So in disuse is that now in the bullfighting encyclopedias two uses of that expression are accepted. The good, the old, and what is done now, "said the artist, recognized amateur bullfighting. "One thing is to pass the bull in front and another is bullfighting," he said, quoting words of Morante. With knowledge of the cause, the Argentine spoke of the true bullfighting that "keep the essences" and still expect to see a leg in front of the bulls, a foot bolted to the sand. "But it's already lost. And I like it, because you hear them talking as if the old bullfighters were victims of a conspiracy, as if the bullfighters were no longer worth and as if the businessmen chose those little animals deliberately … In Madrid they were unfortunate that the only task good was the last all of the last of autumn, with Diego Urdiales. But hey, it's something, "he joked.

The album, composed of 12 songs, includes one of the favorite genre, the friendships of the singer. "My Mafia" talks about "my delinquent friends, some masters of crime to whom I recognize their tenacity and their steel eggs". "They are legendary and anonymous. And they adapt, because crime is linked to socio-economic fluctuations: for example, if there are many Mercedes, they are stolen. But if not, who is going to want to steal a Fiat? Something else is done. And Argentina is the country in which these conditions are more changing -reflected-. However, in Argentina there is a social delinquency composed of minors who smoke base and who are all day and who can even rent a gun to shoot anything. Because they do not care completely. They are a lumpen who has no chance to work and who is not afraid of jail because, what's the difference? They are addicted and they form a social class that is not that it lost the roof, it is that it lost the floor ", explained. "On the other hand, if I say in Spain '' chorizos '', what do they think? In politicians! It's amazing, "he said. "Criminals have to be by definition anonymous. Well, until Netflix makes you a series and everyone knows it, "laughed Calamaro, who linked this song with another: in" Las rimas ", a song sung with hip hop phrasing, Calamaro alludes to" love in times of ibuprofen . It should have been titled '' Love in the Netflix Times '' ".

Speaking of drugs, he commented on his love for studying and seeing about World War II. "I would have liked to make a song about the use of drugs in the Nazi army for this record. I read that the soldiers consumed methamphetamine, the same as '' Breaking Bad '', and of course, that's why they could make the Lightning War, without fear and without rest or sleep … I hope to write it some day. But hey, for now, I'll leave it there. "


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