Cajasiete collaborates with young people without resources of the Nahia Foundation - La Provincia

The Cajasiete-Pedro Modesto Campos Foundation has furnished a flat, assigned by the financial institution, to the Nahia Foundation for young people without resources.

The Nahia Healthcare Association is a non-profit organization that has among its aims to promote actions for the social inclusion of groups that are especially disadvantaged, minors, adolescents, youth, disabled, women, elderly and immigrants or any other group that may Be considered the object of exclusion. As well as promoting the supply of projects based on socio-educational intervention with children, adolescents and young people at risk of social exclusion, favoring the quality of child life, social integration of young people, health education and the promotion of youth employment.

It also promotes the participation of volunteers and the training and employment of people in situations of social disadvantage or at risk of suffering it. Among its aims is to develop initiatives for cultural development, environmental education and the promotion of educational sports.

During the ceremony of delivery of the house, Manuel del Castillo, general director of Cajasiete, said that "one of the ways to support the sustainable development of the Canary Islands is this, thanks to the efforts of all the members of Cajasiete" and added that "this The initiative must be a success and he hopes that the beneficiaries of this help will tell their feelings so that other entities and companies can join this kind of solidarity actions. "

The Cajasiete-Pedro Modesto Campos Foundation is a private and non-profit institution, whose purposes and actions include attending and promoting welfare works that favor the improvement of the community's quality of life, through contributions and providing help to other initiatives and associations.


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