April 14, 2021

Cajacanarias Foundation defeats Herbania 4-0 to continue leader of the Canary League – La Provincia

The excitement continues on the archipelago’s boards with the dispute of the second day of the Canary League of Clubs, this time with each local team receiving the rival on their Island and in which one more round, The Cajacanarias Foundation (Tenerife) continues to lead the rankings after winning by another forceful 4-0 to the Herbania (Fuerteventura).

The team greaves, formed by MI Julio Alonso, GM José Luis Fernández and Alberto Álvares and Ethan Rodríguez, left the group in the gutter majorero.

The big favorite to win this Canarian League, the Throw it, resolved his duel against the Ebony (Tenerife) for the minimum (2.5-1.5) and continues second in the table.

For his part, MF Marcos Adrián Pérez showed that he still has chess in his hands and scratched some boards to GM Bojan Kurajica. Just as Rubén Martín did with Gabriel Pérez; and Julián Morales with José Manuel Ramos. The point of victory was placed by MI José García Padrón in front of Sergio Hernández, who used to obtain results against the best player in the history of the Canary Islands.

The La Caja Foundation (Gran Canaria) remains third by defeating 2.5-1.5 a The Realejos (Tenerife).

The Guide it goes to the fourth place after sweeping the Roque Niquiomo (La Palma) 4-0, which highlighted the victory of the young MF Raúl Pérez against Armiche Rodríguez in a beautiful game.

Finally, the derby of the southeast of Gran Canaria between the Great lady and the Neighborhood fell on the side of the latter by 1-3.


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