CaixaBank reinforces proximity and financial inclusion with its shareholders

CaixaBank has carried out during 2019 different initiatives to promote financial inclusion, transparency and proximity with its shareholders. In this sense, the financial institution has doubled the corporate meetings that it carries out in the main Spanish cities, where it explains first-hand its retail investors and analyzes the latest results and its 2019-2021 Strategic Plan.

Throughout this year, CaixaBank has promoted these proximity events and held 28 corporate meetings, 55.6% more than in 2018, in which more than 1,400 shareholders participated. Some of the cities that have hosted these days during the year have been Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Pamplona, ​​Tenerife or Burgos, among others.

Thanks to these sessions, CaixaBank stays close to its shareholders, provides updated information on the action and the company and answers your questions and queries. This type of program is based on the principles of transparency and rigor that underpin the relationship between the company and the shareholders.

Bet on new technologies

Recently, CaixaBank has promoted virtual corporate meetings, a pioneering digital initiative among IBEX35 companies. The objective of this project is to explain the entity's strategy and results to retail shareholders, in a comfortable, close and transparent manner. In the first virtual meeting more than a hundred shareholders participated, who have been able to transfer their doubts to the corporate director of Investor Relations at CaixaBank, Edward O'Loghlen. Throughout 2020, CaixaBank will hold several virtual sessions, predictably after the quarterly presentations of results.

Thanks to its commitment to new technologies, in 2019 the entity has promoted the Classroom financial training program for shareholders. After launching at the end of 2018 the Webinars Classroom initiative to offer training on-line For retail shareholders, CaixaBank has increased the shareholders formed by 53.6% in one year. These virtual sessions complement the financial training events that CaixaBank provides periodically and in person throughout Spain.

True to its commitment to financial inclusion, CaixaBank has held a total of 133 corporate meetings since 2011, attended by more than 8,700 shareholders, and 162 Classroom courses, with more than 12,000 shareholders trained.

Also with the aim of promoting proximity and financial inclusion, the entity has launched this year the Talks Classroom, a new initiative to transfer to the shareholders in an agile and dynamic way information on economy and finance through short talks by speakers of recognized academic and professional prestige.

In addition, CaixaBank also focuses on bringing financial training to all audiences, including the youngest. In 2019, the entity has launched the second edition of the comic Carlota's Finance, where he explains the social function of a bank in an educational and interactive way, available in paper and digital format.

CaixaBank, a socially responsible bank

These initiatives are part of the CaixaBank Financial Culture Plan, a project designed to help citizens make better decisions in financial terms. CaixaBank is committed to promoting financial inclusion, to making its products and services understandable and accessible to the greatest number of people because it understands that it is a basic condition to achieve equal opportunities and fight against social exclusion.

CaixaBank is a reference bank in corporate responsibility, committed to the welfare of the territories in which it operates. In fact, one of the main objectives of its 2019-2021 Strategic Plan is responsible management and its commitment to society. Initiatives in this area promote transparency with customers; culture and financial inclusion; social action and volunteering; and sustainable financing.

For the entity, promoting financial knowledge, savings and social security contributes to building a more just society. In this sense, financial education is a fundamental pillar of its activity in Corporate Social Responsibility. The entity has reaffirmed itself as a different and transformative bank and has endeavored to position itself and strengthen its socially responsible banking model.

CaixaBank seeks sustainable profitability and management consistent with its culture and its centennial corporate values: quality, trust and social commitment. The model contributes to the solution of the most urgent economic, social and environmental challenges and responds to global challenges of society.

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