CaixaBank plans to reduce its workforce by 2,157 people, 7.3% of the total

CaixaBank plans to reduce its workforce by 2,157 people, 7.3% of the total

The management of CaixaBank today announced to the unions that it plans to reduce its workforce throughout Spain by 2,157 people, which represents 7.3% of the bank's total workforce, according to Efe union and the entity's own sources. .

The bank's management has announced the impact of the cut-off of staff during a meeting that is being held in Madrid.

Although CaixaBank employs a total of 37,511 employees, including the Portuguese BPI and its subsidiaries, the staff of the Spanish bank is 29,508 people, so the announced adjustment assumes that 7.3% of the aforementioned staff.

According to union sources, of this surplus of 2,157 people, a total of 1,913 people would be from the network of offices throughout Spain and another 244 people to support that network.

However, the provinces of Barcelona and Teruel would be left out of the workforce adjustment, as would the bank's central services.

CaixaBank announced on November 27 in London, where it presented its strategic plan until 2021, which was expected to reduce 821 urban offices in the next three years, 18% of the current network, although union sources say that at today's meeting has placed on the table the closure of 793 offices.

Then, the CEO of the bank, Gonzalo Gortázar, already said that this would imply an adjustment of staff and guaranteed that the cut of personnel would be negotiated with the unions, and that remains the will of the bank, according to CaixaBank sources.

The bank today transferred unions that want to extend the Store office model in urban areas and extend it to 700, as well as consolidate the AgroBank model in rural areas, which already adds more than 1,000 offices, according to the same sources.

In this line, the bank is committed to maintaining its offices in towns with less than 10,000 inhabitants, although with less costs, according to the unions.

At the same time, it wants to increase remote customer service, the so-called inTouch service, to move from the current 900 managers to the 2,000.

The goal of the staff adjustment is to strengthen the new model of urban offices, strengthen the rural network and strengthen digital services, say bank sources.


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