May 11, 2021

CaixaBank plans to reduce its workforce by 2,157 people, 7.3% of the total – La Provincia

CaixaBank plans to reduce its workforce by 2,157 people, 7.3% of the total - La Provincia

Theaddress of CaixaBankhas raised the unions aEmployment Regulation File (ERE)for 2,157 people, more than 7% of the workforce, within the framework of the new Strategic Plan 2019-2021, which includes an 18% reduction in the network of offices, as confirmed by sources from the entity and trade unions to Europa Press.

In particular, the estimated staff surplus would be divided into1,913 jobs in the branch network and 244 in network support services,that altogether they add the 2.157 raised, without affectation to the territory of Barcelona nor Teruel.

CaixaBank presented this proposal to the union representatives at the meeting held during the morning, with the "firm will to reach an agreement reached" after theopen negotiation processon January 10, in which the negotiating table was set up and the meeting schedule was set.

Among other measures,CaixaBank has also put on the table to extend the hours of attention to the publicin the evenings to all the offices, although without specifying how or when; expand the geographical mobility of the 25 kilometers to the provincial level; increase the 'in touch' template of 900 to 2,000 people; lower the classification of offices or eliminate deputy directors and second managers in offices of less than four employees.

The business objectives of the bank chaired by Jordi Gual go throughclose 821 urban branches,to have a total of 3,640 in 2021, and move towards a transformation of its network to expand the number of urban counseling offices ('Store') to 700, from the current 285, as well as maintain the network of small branches populations (AgroBank network) and develop their digital services.

Extending the office network 'Store' supposesincrease the integrations of small urban branches,that will be united in a single office, of much larger size and more services and with uninterrupted opening hours in the morning and afternoon.

Indignation in the unions

The trade union organizations, which had already expected the entity to transfer the figures on the number of posts affected, have shown theiroutrage at the restructuring measuresthat the entity has proposed and have stressed that it is a "traumatic" decision, because it threatens unilateralism if there is no agreement.

From CC.OO. They have lamented the "lack of respect for the professionalism of the workforce" and recalled that in 2018 the bank's management recognized that "the excellent team" was what made the "extraordinary results achieved" possible.

The union has assured that it does not share any of the measures proposed and believes that there is no reason to justify them. "The proposal of CaixaBank does not seek to push the negotiation to the limit to getapply these forced measures unilaterally,as foreseen by the procedure in case of not reaching an agreement ", criticized CC.OO.

For its part, UGT has again requested the withdrawal of these measures "unwise and not proportional" and has complained that the data provided by the external consultant are contradictory with those reflected in the strategic plan.

"It can not be that beforeinvestors and shareholdersit is said that we are the best and we are going to pay more dividends, while the workers are saying just the opposite and we intend to pay less on the payroll, "said UGT, which considers that the measures are" completely inadequate and disproportionate ".

TheCaixaBank Employees Union(SECB) has also formally requested that the format of the negotiation be withdrawn and that negotiations begin under a labor agreement. "With everything the company has put on the table, we see a very tough, arduous and complicated negotiation and all employees must be aware of it, the mobilizations of the workforce must begin to be present in the head", he said. warned on your Twitter account.


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