April 11, 2021

CaixaBank opens the door to dismissals if there are not enough voluntary redundancies | Economy

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The address of CaixaBank today has opened the door to resolving with dismissals part of the cut of 2,157 workers raised five weeks ago to unions, as a measure to cut its network of offices and advance the digitization of the entity. As explained by the unions present at the fifth meeting they have with the bank, the offer of the entity would be, in the case of layoffs, 30 days per year worked with a maximum of 22 monthly payments. The cut will apply during this year and next.

In its plan of incentivized redundancies, CaixaBank proposes three blocks of affected: under 53, who would receive 33 days per year worked with a maximum of two annuities; those who are between that strip and 55 years would charge the equivalent of half of their salary of five years and would pay them the special agreement with Social Security up to 60 years; those over 55 years old would be paid that same salary and the Social Security agreement until they were 63 years old.

The trade union centrals, annoyed by the possibility of traumatic outings, have defended the need for all casualties to be voluntary. And they have remembered that the Bank won last year 1,985 million euros, as presented last week.

Ricard Ruiz, general secretary of CC OO in CaixaBank, has considered that with the approach presented today at the meeting held in Madrid, possibly not even 10% of the workforce affected will be able to take leave. "If the forced measures pull forward, the UGT will not be in the agreement", has defended the general secretary of UGT in the entity, Cati Llibre, in statements to Efe.


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