Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

CaixaBank opens in Barcelona the “largest office in Europe” with 3,000 square meters and 80 workers

CaixaBank has opened this Tuesday in Barcelona his second office macro with a template of 80 workers, which will unite all the business segments of the entity in the same space and which it claims as “The largest in Europe”.

A surface 3,000 square meters, that of Barcelona is also the largest office of these characteristics in the hands of the bank in Spain, ahead of the first macro office that CaixaBank opened last summer in Valencia, of 2,200 meters.

‘All in one’

Gather all the business segments of the banking entity in the same space

The space is located in an iconic building of Bauhaus architecture from Barcelona, ​​belonging to the venture capital manager Squircle Capital, which made it the first super-luxury residential development in the city after having hosted the offices of the Winterthur insurer for decades.

With three plants, A branch store, a audience with capacity for a hundred attendees, a Cafeteria and ATMs with technology facial recognition, the complex inaugurated in the Catalan capital will serve 22,000 customers.

The space has a cafeteria

The space has a cafeteria
(Àlex Garcia)

Baptized as All in one, this new office concept brings together in a same space to the specialist teams of all business segments of the banking entity, as well as banking for individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, microenterprises, SMEs, private banking and large companies.

To carry out the opening of the macro office in Barcelona, ​​CaixaBank has integrated the functions of up to seven offices from the surroundings of the central Francesc Macià square, where the second branch is currently located All in one from the bank.

In the act of presenting the space, the CEO of CaixaBank, Juan Antonio Alcaraz, explained that the birth of branches all in one culminate a process of commercial transformation initiated in CaixaBank 12 years ago to cross borders of traditional savings banks.

“This is not a simple office, but a meeting point”, Stressed the senior manager of the company, who added that these macro offices seek to“ improve customer experiences through the physical channel ”to translate them into a“ better profitability ”for the company.

Alcaraz has recognized that CaixaBank first opted for Valencia to open the first office all in one due to the company's difficulties in finding a large enough area, but has assured that the Catalan capital “will always be the place where they will have a most relevant position"

Although it does not have a defined expansion plan for this model, the objective of the entity chaired by Jordi Gual is open two other macro offices in 2020, one of which would be in Madrid, as the CEO of CaixaBank has advanced. In parallel, the Catalan company will continue to expand its branch portfolio store, of which it already has 400 in the country -150 of them in Barcelona-, with the aim of expanding the figure to 600.

CaixaBank has obtained until September a profit of 1,266 million euros, 28.4% less compared to the same period of the previous year because of the costs associated with the ERE of 2,023 employees carried out by the company.

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