July 29, 2021

Caixabank initiates tomorrow the contacts with the unions on the ERE

Caixabank initiates tomorrow the contacts with the unions on the ERE

The management of CaixaBank and the bank's unions begin tomorrow the contacts on the employment regulation file (ERE) that this financial institution plans to present to adjust its workforce to the needs of the bank.

Union sources have told Efe that tomorrow it is not expected to know yet the number of affected, but estimate that it will affect between 2,000 and 2,500 people, although the management of CaixaBank has not yet provided any figure.

According to these sources, the meeting tomorrow should serve to constitute the negotiating table and establish the negotiation calendar, among other issues.

It is a matter of a contact between both parties with the intention of approaching positions before formalizing the presentation of the ERE.

The bank's unions face the start of the contacts with the premise of not accepting forced outlets in the entity, whose staff is about 32,000 people.

CaixaBank announced on November 27 in London, where it presented its strategic plan until 2021, which envisaged reducing in the next three years 821 urban offices, 18% of the current network.

Then, the CEO of the bank, Gonzalo Gortázar, already said that this would imply a staff adjustment and guaranteed that the cut of personnel would be negotiated with the unions.

With this adjustment of personnel, CaixaBank intends, as announced at that time, to advance in the transformation of the network of urban offices, maintain the network of offices in rural areas and enhance digital services, such as the customer service model " In Touch ".

The labor adjustments of the last years undertaken in the bank have been agreed upon by the management and the unions, and that is the intention with which both parties now face the beginning of the negotiations.

CaixaBank, which had a total of 5,358 branches in 2014, both urban and rural, expects to stand at 2021 with 3,640.

In parallel, CaixaBank wants to extend its 'Office' office model in the cities, which are larger branches, focused on personalized attention to the customer and with a wider opening hours. In this regard, it plans to move from the 285 offices planned at the end of 2018 to 600 in 2021.


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