Caixabank and EDP strengthen their agreement to install solar panels in homes

Its goal is to add 100,000 new photovoltaic installations by 2025, which would prevent the emission of 150,000 tons of CO2 and save 80 million on the electricity bill of individuals


The financial entity CaixaBank and the energy company EDP have reinforced their collaboration agreement to promote the installation of energy saving and sustainability solutions in homes.

Both companies were already pioneers by creating in 2021 a commercial package focused on photovoltaic installations supervised by EDP with financing under advantageous conditions, with a three-month grace period (that is, payment does not begin until three months after installation).

Marketing is done online through Wivai. The customer can directly select the product and choose whether to finance it in installments of up to 120 months between 0% and 3% APR. CaixaBank customers have immediate access to financing through their manager.

The good reception in the market of the CaixaBank and EDP proposal, in a context, moreover, in which energy efficiency has become a key issue, has contributed to the fact that both companies have decided to strengthen their alliance in this area. The collaboration is reflected, on the one hand, in the reinforcement of commercial activity in the coming months, within the framework of the relaunch of CaixaBank's 'MyHome' range of solutions for the home, and, on the other hand, in the expansion of the offer of products linked to sustainability for private homes, with new complementary proposals to solar panels.

The first initiative in terms of new products is the creation of a new commercial package for the installation of energy storage batteries, which makes it easier to store the solar energy captured with the hours of light for use at night. CaixaBank and EDP forecast that around 20% of customers who install solar panels in their homes decide to also incorporate storage batteries. The product can now be contracted through Wivai.

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