Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

cafeteria, hairdresser and Disney area inside

cafeteria, hairdresser and Disney area inside

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Primark, the 'low cost' textile company, is committed to a new store concept in which offers restoration with cafes and other services to its customers as for example hairdressers. In particular, the fashion label has presented this new concept in the opening of the world's largest clothing store, which has opened in Birmingham, which becomes the 187 establishment in the United Kingdom, and in which it offers all the novelties to its customers.

The new store has five plants in about 15,000 square meters and employs more than 1,000 people, including 500 new jobs, 430 employees who have moved from the Primark store on New Street and more than 100 employees who work to offer experiences , including chefs, hairdressers, beauticians, among others.

In this way, the establishment has a more modern, recent and practical design, in addition to hosting a variety of experiences such as the 'Primark Café with Disney', a thematic cafe of the iconic brand that allows customers use interactive play area and enjoy a themed menu unique to Disney.

The commitment to restoration is one of the novelties presented by Primark, which delves into the gastronomy segment with 'The Mezz restaurant', a 'take away' space or to enjoy a complete meal, and the 'Primarket Café' ', the first Primark brand coffee, which uses only coffee grains with fair trade certification and grants 5% of the total cost of each kilo of coffee sold in the store to coffee bean producers.

Another one of the bets of Primark to conquer its clients is the 'Duck & Dry Xpress x Primark', a beauty salon completor, which offers treatments from head to toe in a boutique environment at an affordable price and in addition to the one the brand already has in its Oxford Street East store in London.

The Irish firm also offers a hairdressing service from Joe Mills with 'Mills x Primark barbers', where clients while waiting to get their hair cut, shave or have facials can have coffee at the Mills bar while they wait.

On the other hand, the store has thematic commercial spaces dedicated to Disney, where you can find everything from clothes to stuffed animals; and the 'Hogwarts Wizarding World', for lovers of the Harry Potter saga, which offers all the clothing, accessories and gifts related to the film.

Shopping experience

The Birmingham Primark also offers its recycling program with the intention that customers can Easily recycle second-hand clothing and footwear of any brand, in addition to a customization and customization of garments.

Customers will also find water sources throughout the store and all the water that is marketed is packaged in recyclable or recycled bottles. In addition, enjoy free Wi-Fi zones, seats, and spaces to recharge your mobile.

Primark's new business development director, Tim Kelly, has emphasized that customers will be able to enjoy "a great experience" at the Birmingham store. "They can enjoy their time with friends and family, have a delicious meal, recharge batteries and have fun, and they can find everything under one roof, which includes fashion, cosmetics and household items, all at incredible prices," he said.

Primark currently has 365 stores, which are spread over 11 countries (Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, the United States and Italy)


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