Cádiz manages to tie a penalty against Mallorca

Cádiz draws a penalty on the hour.

Cádiz managed to tie in added time against Mallorca con a penalty goal transformed by Álvaro Negredo that equaled the goal achieved by Idrisse Baba in the first half (1-1).

In the first part, the high pressure in the center of the field restricted the initial twenty minutes and left the ball without an owner. The first clear chance came at 21 minutes, in a direct free kick for Mallorca that Salva Sevilla, in a masterful launch, crashed into the crossbar of the Cadista goal.

Five minutes later, Cádiz replied, in a fast driving by Honduran Anthony Lozano with a shot from the left that went high (m.26). The game went crazy at times and García Plaza’s team was able to score in an Amath N’Diay boarding schooland the Argentine Jeremías Conan Ledesma blocked to send a corner (m.28).

In that corner kick, the Balearic team went ahead. Salva Sevilla threw it, touched Brian Oliván’s back and the Ghanaian Baba (m.29) finished off the goal. With a persistent rhythm, the ball circulated from field to field and the Cadiz He had two options in a row to score.

Lozano left for speed, his shot was cut by the Slovakian Martin Valjent, dropping the ball to Rubén Sobrino, who, totally alone, could not score due to the feline departure of the veteran goalkeeper Manolo Reina from Malaga (m.31). In the last quarter of an hour of the first half, both teams did not generate actions worthy of consideration.

After the break, despite having an advantage on the scoreboard, Mallorca came out with the intention of looking for a second goal. South Korean Kang In Lee performedor several cuts in the front of the area and shot with great intention, Ledesma sending the ball to a corner (m.48).

The Argentine goalkeeper repeated, with an even better stop to a shot from the Tenerife striker Angel Rodriguez from short distance (m.54). Mallorca, more intoned than Cádiz, obstructed the opposing creation zone to prevent balls from reaching the vanguard line.

Álvaro Cervera’s men did not have their day and could do little in the second half. If anything, some ball to the area that the Balearic team cleared without major problems. The Majorca he played the last minutes with ten players for the expulsion of Serbian defender Aleksandar Sedlar for a double yellow (m.86) in a clash that was heated at the end with several hard tackles.

In added time, a penalty committed by Sastre over Lozano gave Cádiz the tie. The maximum penalty transformed her Alvaro Negredo (m.92). Cádiz continues without winning in their stadium and so far they have only achieved one victory in the league, away from home.

Cádiz manages to tie a penalty against Mallorca. Roman Rios

– Data sheet:

1 – Cádiz: Ledesma; Carcelén (Osmajic, m.79), Fali (Chust, m.46), Cala, Espino; Jonsson (Alarcón, m.60), Álex Fernández, Chapela (Arzamendia, m.69), Perea; Nephew (Negredo, m.60) and Lozano.

1 – Mallorca: Queen; Maffeo (Sastre, m.81), Russo, Valjent (Sedlar, m.46), Oliván; Baba, Salva Sevilla (Ruiz de Galarreta, m.62), Kang In Lee, Dani Rodríguez; Amath (Sánchez, m.62) and Ángel.

Goals: 0-1, M.29: Baba. 1-1, M.92: Negredo, from a penalty.

Referee: Pizarro Gómez (Madrid school). He expelled Sedlar, from Mallorca, for a double yellow (m.86). He admonished the locals Fali, Cala and Alarcón, and the visitors Amath and Dani Rodríguez.

Incidents: Match of the twelfth day played at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium before about 12,000 spectators.


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