Cádiz and Valladolid, enough draw

A moment of the clash between Cádiz and Valladolid

A moment of the clash between Cádiz and Valladolid

He Cadiz and the Valladolid closed 2020 with a goalless draw at Carranza Stadium that feeds the numbers of both in the classification in the effort to achieve permanence at the end of the course.

There were hardly any occasions or risk. The clearest scoring opportunities came in the first half. Cádiz had three in front of goalkeeper Jordi Masip but the clearest was Valladolid, in the first minute of play, in a header to the crossbar by Israeli Shon Weissman.

That was the initial warning of the visitors, who intend to escape from the relegation places to which Álvaro Cervera’s team does not want to fall. it still makes the prizes obtained in the first days profitable of the competition. Weissman’s header to the crossbar, after an extension by Sergi Guardiola on the second play after a corner in favor of Valladolid, could put Sergio González’s team ahead.

Cádiz responded in the eighth minute with a header from Álvaro Negredo that went high. Another action of the Honduran Anthony ‘Choco’ Lozano detaching himself from the defenders was stopped by Jordi Masip when the cadista forward was alone in the mouth of goal.

Was a impetuous start. Later, the party declined and the game passed in the center of the field without either of them managing to prevail in possession. A center from Uruguayan Luis Alfonso Espino finished off Negredo in the 32nd minute. In the last minutes of this period, Valladolid took command again, with Cádiz exerting a fierce opposition to prevent the visitors’ advances.

After the restart, Valladolid came out dominating the meeting, stepping on the opposite field to try to dislodge the dense defense of Cádiz. Argentine goalkeeper Jeremías Conan Ledesma failed at the start after a corner kick taken by Óscar Plano and Rubén Alcaraz did not arrive in time to finish, imposing the rear in clearance. From minute 20 of this time, Cádiz let go and had more of the ball in their possession with the incorporation of Álex Fernández and Jairo Izquierdo to circulate in the center of the field.

After a few minutes, Valladolid returned to exercise command, which with the entry into the field of Jota and Toni Villa refreshed the game at the foot. The pucelano team stretched with speed after the changes and Toni Villa had two opportunities that the winger Isaac Carcelén took on both occasions for a corner.

Again Villa had another chance, but his loose shot was stopped by Ledesma. After this result, Cádiz has 19 points in the middle of the table and Valladolid is eighteenth with 15 in relegation places.

Data sheet

0 – Cadiz: Ledesma; Iza Carcelén, Cala, Marcos Mauro, Espino; Fali, Jonsson (Bodiger, m.83), Alejo (Álex Fernández, m.46), Perea (Jairo, m.60), Negredo (Malbasic, m.83) and Lozano (Álvaro Giménez, m.60).

0 – Valladolid: Masip; Hervías, Bruno, El Yamiq, Carnero; Roque Mesa (Fede, m.78), Alcaraz, Orellana (Jota, m.68), Óscar Plano (Kike, m.78); Guardiola and Weissman (Villa, m.68).

Referee: Hernández Hernández (Canary Committee). He admonished the local Fali, Alejo and Lozano and the visitors Roque Mesa and El Yamiq with yellow cardboard.

Incidents: Match day 16 of the First Division, played at the Ramón de Carranza stadium without an audience.


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