"Cacerolazos" in Buenos Aires in protest against the increase in government tariffs

"Cacerolazos" in Buenos Aires in protest against the increase in government tariffs

Neighbors of different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires protested today with pots in the streets of the capital against the increase of tariffs of the light, the water, the gas and the public transport that announced this week the Government headed by Mauricio Macri.

Dozens of people of different ages convened spontaneously gathered in different parts of the federal city and made a "ruidazo" accompanied by Argentine flags and chants against the latest measures of the Executive, which will be effective from next January.

Three days after the end of a year marked by an economic crisis in Argentina, the third year of Macri's term will end with inflation rates close to 47%.

The Energy Secretariat announced increases of up to 55% in the electricity tariff between the next months of February and August in the city and province of Buenos Aires, and around 35% in the rest of the districts of the country .

The head of this portfolio, Javier Iguacel, resigned today, a day after this announcement, and will be replaced by Gustavo Lopetegui.

Throughout the week, the announcements of increases were happening, on Wednesday with increases of 38% in public transport that will apply from next January to travel by bus, train and metro.

It is also estimated that the gas rate will increase by 35% this 2019.


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