July 25, 2021

Cabify: "The decree of the Government keeps us in constant uncertainty" | Economy

Cabify: "The decree of the Government keeps us in constant uncertainty" | Economy

The decree law of the VTC approved by the Government on September 28 contemplates a moratorium of four years for the current VTC licenses (those that use Uber and Cabify). After this period, the regulation of the VTC will pass to the Autonomous Communities and City Councils, which may veto their entry into the cities, which may hit the value of these licenses. "The decree law of the Government keeps us in constant uncertainty", commented during his speech Mariano Silveyra, general director of Cabify for Asia and Europe, this Wednesday in the forum The future of mobility, organized by Cinco Días. "No bank or investor is going to bet on a business that can be finished in four years," Silveyra complained.

For this responsible Cabify, the "war between taxis and VTC" is a misconception and has been open to initiate a reconciliation between both transport formulas. "There is room for everyone to operate and collaborate, as we already do in other countries," said Silveyra, who at all times has been conciliatory with taxi drivers and has avoided entering into confrontation with the Fedetaxi representative.

Emilio Dominguez, the lawyer of Fedetaxi, grouping of the taxi sector, said in the same forum that taxi drivers should be compensated for the losses they have suffered as a result of the introduction of new operators, such as Uber or Cabify, in the market of transport. "This formula has been used in other countries and should be applied in Spain", explained Domínguez

The intervention of Miguel Ángel Cilleros, responsible for the federation of Services for Mobility and Consumption of UGT, has opted for the conciliatory tone of Cabify. "Intermobility has to occur," said the unionist. Cilleros has stated that UGT has to defend all workers, both the self-employed driving a taxi and the 15,000 employees of Cabify in Spain. The vehicle rental companies with driver (VTC) signed on September 20 an agreement with the union UGT to improve the quality of employment.

Cilleros has also been critical of the decree law approved by the Government. "We are against the decree because it is an imposition," he explained. "There has to be a reconciliation of interests between taxi and VTC, and also with citizens," said Cilleros, who stressed that the Government has passed the "hot potato" regulation of the taxi and the VTC to the Autonomous Communities.

A controversial decree

The controversial decree law approved by the government has been object of confrontation during the first round table of the forum between the professor of Administrative Law Santiago Muñoz Machado and the general secretary of Transport, María José Rallo. For the jurist, the formula that the government has used has many limitations. "A decree law can not regulate transfers of powers to the Autonomous Communities, it has to be a rule of law," he said. Rallo has argued that the regulations approved by the Government allow each city to organize mobility according to their needs.

Domínguez has been very critical of the image offered by another of the speakers, the economist José María O'Kean, from the taxi sector. "They are a monopoly that resists competing, they are part of the old economy," O'Kean said. Dominguez said that taxi drivers are willing to compete, but on equal terms. "The State will compensate those who have now entered the market, not who was already", has emphasized Dominguez, referring to the decree law.

Moments of tension

The intervention of José Miguel Fúnez Chacón, spokesperson of the Antaxi association, during the question time has caused moments of tension with the speakers. Fúnez Chacón has accused the UGT of "having thrown away" the taxi drivers in their claims. He has also accused the forum of giving an erroneous image of the taxi sector and thanked Emilio Domínguez for his defense of the sector. Fúnez Chacón has left the room at the end of the question time but has returned later to challenge the speakers and has had to be evicted by the security services of the building.


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