April 15, 2021

Cabify and Uber increase their services in Madrid by more than 25% with the taxi strike | Companies

Cabify and Uber increase their services in Madrid by more than 25% with the taxi strike | Companies

The 13 days of the taxi strike in Madrid has had a clear winner, the VTC companies. According to data that CincoDías has had access to, downloads of the Uber and Cabify applications have tripled in the last two weeks. Also the number of routes contracted with both platforms has been triggered, causing that in many moments all the cars of some of the companies of the sector were occupied.

In particular, trips with Cabify have grown in the last 14 days around 25%, and this discounting any seasonal effect, say knowledgeable sources. The figure would reach almost 30% the case of Uber. Another derivative effect is that the number of cash payments has increased considerably (in this case in Cabify, which recently included this option), "and this is due to the fact that there are many customers who had never used the application and prefer to do so. "

In addition, some customers also stress that prices have risen in recent days. Although the rates were practically unchanged in the first days of the strike, now the journeys have become more expensive, possibly also due to the increase in demand.

While Uber and Cabify raise their routes, the taxi drivers continue their strike, although some (few) start to work, because the cost is very high (every day of the strike they lose between 170 and 200 euros) and also because they fear that the citizens will give them the back, after so many days of strike and some unpopular actions like cuts and blocks of streets.

The taxi drivers presented at the last minute a new proposal to the Community of Madrid in which they do not set pre-contracting times or minimum route in the journeys of the VTC, but suggest that it is the municipalities that address the first issue in their ordinances. The taxi has lowered its demands to the community to get it to negotiate and approve its proposal, but the president of Madrid, Angel Garrido, said that they will not accept the proposal if they intend to obtain pre-employment through the "via Colau or the Carmena way ". "We will not accept anything that supposes the disappearance of the VTCs in the community, because it is positive for the competition and it is a service demanded by the citizens," he stressed.

Another blow to the taxi came from the Provincial Court of Madrid, which has confirmed the ruling of a commercial court that considers that Maxi Mobility (Cabify) does not exercise unfair competition to the taxi.


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