August 9, 2020

Cabello calls the Colombian Defense Minister "murderer" after the massacre of children

The president of the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, called on Wednesday "murderer" the Colombian Defense Minister, Guillermo Botero, who resigned after revealing that he hid a military bombardment against FARC dissidents in which at least eight minors died .

"The Colombian Defense Minister has just resigned, but after he killed seven children," Cabello said during his television program broadcast on the state-owned VTV channel.

The considered number two of Chavismo also called "assassin" and "paraco" the Colombian president, Iván Duque, and former president Álvaro Uribe.

"Murderers of his own people," he insisted.

On Tuesday, Senator Roy Barreras, of the U party that was the fundamental support of former President Juan Manuel Santos, revealed that in a bombing at the beginning of September last against a camp of dissidents in the department of Caquetá, seven minors died, among them a twelve year old girl.

The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office raised the number of children killed in the operation on Wednesday, a fact that the authorities had not disclosed despite the fact that after the operation they reported the number of deaths.

After the tsunami unleashed by the dissemination of the information, Botero met with President Duque to whom he presented his resignation considering that it is his "duty as defense minister to have an adequate reading of the political situation."

However, in his letter he makes no mention of the case revealed by Barreras and confirmed by the Prosecutor's Office and states that "the enemy of Colombia is drug trafficking."

Cabello considered on Wednesday that the Colombian defense minister resigned because the complaint "is true" and asked "all the saints for life" of Senator Barreras, who said that you have to "take care of him because they will kill him."

For his part, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza expressed his condemnation of the event earlier in his Twitter account.

"Atrocities continue to occur in Colombia. In an alleged bombing against the guerrillas, presented as a success by the government, they murdered 7 children. Horrible false positive they hid for two months. They have no limits. The international community has to react," he said. .

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