April 11, 2021

Caballé, lights and penumbras

Caballé, lights and penumbras

We left Montserrat Caballé just a week ago A week before TVE premiered with her a new program called «Giants». After a long time in almost oblivion, our egregious singer returned to the privacy of our homes through an interview made by Mari Cruz Soriano. The program, recorded in summer, showed us an older artist but with her head in place. Pity that the video of some of his historical performances did not appear. Montserrat Caballé she lived with great sadness in her last years, surrounded by the affection of her family, but proscribed by the public treasury and the independence movement. He had to pay some money to the treasury that he supposedly did not have. A well-known Catalan businessman connected to music told me that he had come to him for help and that his desperation was remarkable. He had to endure that at a dinner with Pujol the Catalan culture adviser said that, although ambassador of Catalonia, his great mistake was to have married a foreigner, when her husband is Aragonese. She answered him properly. He did not deserve to end his life with penumbras who gave so much light to ours.

Apparently, I wanted a simple burial, but we know that it is impossible for someone who is big not to have it big. As much as the wake and the mass the next day was in a funeral home, he was attended by Queen Sofia, the President of the Government, the Generalitat and many other significant persons. Not everyone could enter the Mass because it did not fit. Celebrated entirely in Spanish, fortunately came the moment of the overflow of emotion when "La vergine degli angeli" rang in her voice. For a week it has been news in media and social networks, which have retweeted to infinity the aforementioned independence story. The news of his death appeared in newspapers around the world. However, the New York Met forgot. That same day, the opera "Aida" was broadcast live in cinemas all over the world. We all expected a memory before the curtain was raised, but nothing. Peter Gelb, his mayor, forgot who had sung 15 different roles in the theater and acted in 98 performances. The social networks have reacted with indignation, as befitted, and have accused Gelb of ignorance, of not knowing who was "La Caballé". Fortunately, Roberto Alagna It was agreed in the brief interview of the second break. Gelb was forced, after three days, to place a reference on the Met website. Painful the artistic ignorance of many of those who direct operas of first division. The Real, the Zarzuela, the Lyceum, etc. did show their affliction and some of the international theaters to which they were linked prepare their tributes, as many of us have done in our homes.


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