CAAM inaugurates a new stage of its magazine 'Atlántica' in digital format

International publication Atlantic. Magazine of Art and Thought, an editorial benchmark for interdisciplinary creation and critical dialogue on the map of culture and contemporary art, attached to the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (CAAM) since its foundation in 1990, reinvents itself in a digital and participatory format with a new editorial board rotary, selected by the direction of the CAAM, and four specific sections.

This new publication model grants «a primary, involved and active role, in permanent dialogue» to its editorial board, indicates Orlando Britto, director of the CAAM, with the appointment of an editorial coordinator for the selection of content and themes for each number, with a biannual publication rhythm. The council is made up of a list of voices referring to curatorial praxis and artistic, literary and thought criticism at the local, national and international level, made up of Eli Cortiñas, Ticio Escobar, Hans Michael Herzog, Marta Mantecón, Simon Njami, José Manuel Noceda, Nilo Palenzuela, Gabriela Salgado, Annabelle Teneze and Blanca de la Torre.

Number zero

Paraguayan curator, art critic and cultural promoter Ticio Escobar opens the first issue of Atlántica, followed by Argentine curator Gabriela Salgado, whose lines of thought will gravitate to the indigenous question from her approach "as a field of open questions and possible debates" . However, the "number zero" can already be consulted on the web, which includes a "welcome letter" by Britto, the presentation of the council and the new fixed sections of Atlántica: Más Atlántica, Atlántica Islands and Atlantic International.

The essence of the new dawn of Atlántica lies in “opening up to other more modern lines of thought”, points out the counselor, Guacimara Medina, and that, in addition, it mirrors the creative dialogue that takes place within the CAAM.


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