April 19, 2021

Buzz Light Year and Rapuncel do not want passive witnesses to bullying

Buzz Light Year and Rapuncel do not want passive witnesses to bullying

Edmund Burke said that for evil to triumph, only good people need to do nothing. And that quote from the father of British Conservative Liberalism perfectly explains why bullying has become a scourge. Beyond preventive policies or educational programs, the mobilization of peers is the most effective measure to stop the harasser. This is affirmed by 80% of the boys and girls of sixth grade of Primary and first of ESO, according to the latest data from the ANAR foundation. However, Most victims of bullying feel that the support of their peers is reduced. In effect, 76.3% of the students did not react to harassment situations in the last year. The consequences for the kids who suffer it are very serious: 90% suffer from psychological problems, 67% anxiety, 58% permanent fear and up to 8.2% thoughts of suicide.

In order to call Pisces witnesses of this physical and verbal violence to mobilize on behalf of the victims, the Mutua Madrileña Foundation and Disney have launched an awareness campaign using the fictional characters of this fiction factory, which includes Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel. "Toy Story", "Rapuncel", "The Incredibles"; but also "influencers" like Rebeca Terán, Hug Marker and Alberto TM will call Spanish students to react to bullying. The action plan will be developed throughout 2019, including Disney channels and social networks. The audiovisual piece starring the main characters of this company has been directed by the winning filmmakers of a Goya César Award and José Estaban Alenda. Only through the media of Disney (app and television channels) is expected to impact on 80% of Spanish children between 4 and 13 years. Not to mention their social networks, which have five million followers and that will play a key role in spreading the initiative.

With this campaign it is not intended that children become heroes but that they know that with a simple gesture they have the power to change things and end the suffering of a partner. This has been explained by Ignacio Garralda, president of Grupo Mutua and the Mutua Madrileña Foundation; Simon Amselem, CEO of The Walt Disney Company in Spain and Portugal; Lorenzo Cooklin, general director of the Mutua Madrileña Foundation and José Vila, vice president of The Walt Disney Company in Spain and Portugal.


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