April 22, 2021

Buy cheaper

Buy cheaper

After Christmas expenses, the dreaded January cost is here. However, the slope may be less pronounced if some advice is followed. The periods of sales, promotions and specific campaigns, such as Black Friday, are traditionally used by the consumer to acquire the desired or necessary products, especially if they are of a high value. In fact, 62% of Spaniards take advantage of these offers to purchase products, according to Nielsen data.

However, these savings need not be limited to specific periods, but can be extended throughout the year. Experts recommend, first of all, not be in a hurry. Do an exercise of reflection, in which we compare the characteristics, quality and value of the item that we want to acquire, can be very beneficial for our pocket. Therefore, we must flee from compulsive and impulsive buying and try to avoid falling into the temptation to "own" the object immediately. And being that the "first" usually has a significant extra cost.

Smarthphones and e-commerce

New technologies, especially smartphones, and the explosion of e-commerce offer consumers a wide range of tools that allow them to be informed of prices at all times. In this sense, it can be very useful when buying a same item at a lower price to have price change warning assets or to resort to comparators. In fact, one of them, idealo.es, has analyzed the variations in the rates of some of the most demanded products by the Spaniards, and has made a calendar about when is cheaper to buy the same item. Thanks to this yearbook, the consumer can plan and decide the optimal time to buy. The savings are more than significant. And is that the PVP for the same product can triple depending on the month in which it is purchased. The products analyzed by idealo are a combination of elements of daily life, such as heaters, car seats, fans, and technological products, such as action cameras or laptops. According to his calculations, buying, for example, heaters in January would imply an average cost of 79 euros, compared to the 256 that would be necessary to purchase the same product in June, which would mean a price increase of 224%. The fans, on the other hand, reach their maximum average price (146 euros) in March, when they are 48.9% more expensive than in July, a month in which they can be purchased for only 98 euros.

In the case of other electronic products, in summer, prices rise and, although the variation is lower, it continues to be significant. Thus, acquiring action cameras in April (261 euros on average), can reach a saving of 11.8%, compared to buying it in August (292 euros), and the price of "power banks" increases by 86, 9% of May (23 euros) to June (43 euros). It is a good idea to invest in an activity bracelet in summer, when it is possible to save more than 60% when purchasing them for 61 euros on average, instead of the 98 euros sold in January, coinciding with the return of Spanish to the exercise after the excesses of December and Christmas.

On the contrary, November is the perfect month to invest in a drone, being able to save more than 46%. For its part, December is the best time to invest in a laptop, and can save up to 37.52%.

It is also important to apply this savings calendar to other household products and daily life. Cooking plates become up to 8.2% cheaper in October than in March. On the other hand, hair dryers can go from 59 euros in March to 126 on average in December, assuming an increase of 113.5%. In addition, parents can save up to 47 euros in the seats of children for the car if they buy in February (216 euros on average) and avoid their acquisition in December, when its value rises to 263 euros. Waiting just two months can save you more than 20%

The best times

In this way, idealo concludes that the beginning of the year is the best time to purchase heating equipment or child safety devices, while in summer it is an ideal period to buy ventilation equipment.

In summary, January is, ideally, the ideal month to buy heaters; February, that of car seats; March, that of the dryers; April, that of the "action cameras"; May, the "power bank"; June, that of the "fitness trackers"; July, that of the fans; August, that of the headphones; September, that of the steam wagons; October, that of the kitchen plates; November, the one for drones, and December, the best month to buy a laptop.

"It is remarkable how the prices of the same products change depending on the date they are purchased. Therefore, it is important that, in order to save, the consumer understands that prices are very changing, and that it is necessary to monitor them and be attentive to their variations to obtain the best offers, since the change in price can be decisive in the possible purchase of the product », concludes Adrián Amorín,« country manager »of idealo.es.


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