May 30, 2020

Buy Bitcoin without commissions?

Who regularly follows the news may confirm that living in the Spain of the year 2019 has been a less exciting experience. Among the great political events and the disturbing expectations of a new economic crisis, we have only to have our ability to save, predict and know how to adapt to emerging conditions that become increasingly fluid and unstable.

What will happen for sure is that digitalization will penetrate all areas of our lives at a faster pace than ever. The refrigerator calling the supermarket to ask for your favorite yogurt will be the reality in the next decades, if not before. Can you imagine that paying for the bus trip is possible with just one look? According to several sources, the EMT in Madrid is already experimenting with the facial recognition of its passengers.

Another reality will be digital money. If many of us already pay almost everything by card, the novelty will consist of the variety of digital assets available for payment or exchange. Today it is already possible to acquire or trade Bitcoin, as well as many other cryptocurrencies, in an easy, legal way and without any commission.

In this article Lykke, the digital platform located in Switzerland, tells us how it is possible to buy Bitcoin or other digital currencies without commissions.

According to Marina de Mattos, the customer service manager at Lykke, the secret lies in the European SEPA banking information exchange system and in Lykke's unique business model. Most Spanish banks offer SEPA transfers without any commission for holders of digital or, in some cases, even conventional accounts.

So, step by step, the user does not have to pay any commission to enter the world of digital money:

  • Opening the Lykke account is free;
  • Making a SEPA transfer to your Lykke account is free or it can cost a couple of euros depending on your bank account;
  • Converting your euros into Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin / Bitcoin Cash and many other currencies in Lykke is free as well, unlike many other digital platforms.

In addition, throughout the week after Black Friday, Lykke gives prizes to all users who make a deposit of 50 euros minimum.

To buy any digital currency in a secure way – adds Marina – it is necessary to register in the Lykke app by providing your own data, such as your ID and address, as for any bank app. It is true that many other cryptocurrency platforms do not require private data to open the account, but this attitude compromises the security of the user and the platform.

In recent years, due to political and economic uncertainty, many people have chosen cryptocurrencies as a form of savings or investment while waiting for Bitcoin to grow exponentially. While cryptocurrency applications become increasingly safe and easy to use, cryptocurrency speculation has its risks. Before making financial decisions of any nature, we recommend that you inform yourself using recommended and reliable sources.


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