Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

But reminds Torra that "it is not a function of politicians to urge the CDR to press"

Mas recuerda a Torra que “no es función de los políticos instar a los CDR a apretar”

The former president of the Generalitat Artur Mas He assured this Saturday that it is not the function of politicians to tell the CDR "whether they have to press or not". In this sense, in an interview on Catalunya Ràdio, Mas has defended the existence of the committees but has admitted that in his case he would not have done the call for encouragement made by the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra.

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However, the former president has launched a reflection on the CDR and reminded them that sovereignty "does not suit a controversy with the Mossos". "You do not have to stay at home, but you can be on the street in many ways," he specified. But it has ruled out the resignation of the interior minister, Miquel Buch, considering it "exaggerated" and "partisan" and has opted for review the protocols of the Mossos with "police criteria".

But he recalled that the same police that is now at the center of the controversy "was recognized more than a year ago" by the management of the attacks of Barcelona and Cambrils. "It's not the first time it happens," he admitted respect the police charges last Thursday in Girona and Terrassa. Thus, he has denied that the Government "has dominated the body" and has made an appeal to act "with professional criteria." "If someone has broken the rule, you have to act with internal repercussions," he detailed.

But defines the Consell per la República as the "cradle" of the unity of the independence movement

In another order of things, Artur Mas has verified that he sees the Consell per la República as the "cradle" or the "incubator" of the unit. "Right now no one has an excuse not to work for the general unit," he warned. Thus, he stressed that the Consell as a private entity will promote those actions of internationalization that the Generalitat "can not do for the control of the State." Thus, the former president has stressed that the independence movement has to calculate "well" its forces because it has not yet managed to "bend" the structures of state power. "Not only do you have to have a pulse, you need a strategy to win this pulse," he said.

On the other hand, Mas has also highlighted that a majority in the State formed by PSOE and Podemos is better than one of the PP, Cs and Vox. "We prefer the PSOE with Podemos to open gaps for the future with some possibility of constructive dialogue and agreement. Or is it preferred when the worst is better? "He said. "Neither option leads to a quick solution but it has to be decided which majority is more appropriate for Catalan sovereignty," he concluded.

The former president dodges the budget debate

With regard to the approval of the State's general budgets, Artur Mas has avoided specifying if he would be in favor of giving support and has remembered that when he was president he had to govern without accounts throughout an exercise.

Finally, during the interview, Mas talked about the hunger strike that drive several politicians imprisoned in Lledoners. After saying that he "will not do any fasting," he has defended the prisoners' claim and said they are "unjustly defenseless." He also celebrated that the initiatives of the political world and the Government to support the prisoners on hunger strike "are made with the best of intentions".

With regard to municipal elections and the independence candidates in Barcelona, has regretted that there were five different lists when the clamor of a single list had been made to assure a separatist mayoralty. In spite of avoiding positioning by Neus Munté or Ferran Mascarell, Mas has admitted that he will defend Munté for being the PDECat proposal.

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