July 29, 2021

Bustos (PSC) affirms after declaring in the case Mercurio that he feels innocent

Bustos (PSC) affirms after declaring in the case Mercurio that he feels innocent

The former mayor of Sabadell Manuel Bustos (PSC) has said today that he feels as innocent as the first day, despite the accusations that weigh on him for his alleged involvement in the Mercury case, alleged corruption and influence peddling.

Bustos has testified before the judge who instructed the case Mercurio, who has cited him to testify as investigator for the separate piece number 28 of this case.

The former mayor had to testify in relation to an alleged criminal network for which he would have consented to the action of his brother and exconcejal of Espacio Público, Paco Bustos, and the former director of the Xavier Izquierdo area to benefit the concessionaire company of street cleaning and collection of the Smatsa garbage, from the Vendex group.

In this way, the then local government of the PSC would have acted in an organized manner, according to the judge, to benefit the concessionaire of the service, which in turn would have acted in the interests of the socialists.

The most outstanding case would be the contribution of 100,000 euros that the firm would have made for the benefit of Manuel Bustos for the organization of a massive dinner during the campaign of the 2011 municipal elections.

"I'm very happy, I really do not know what I came for, but I feel as innocent as the first day," said Bustos after his appearance before the magistrate of the Mercurio case.

Throughout this morning Paco Bustos and Xavier Izquierdo also declare, in a few days of statements that will be extended until this Thursday and that will be retaken in January.


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