May 27, 2020

Businessmen propose to the Islands as the engine of the country's marine elica – La Provincia

The general director of the Wind Business Association (AEE), Juan Virgilio Márquez, asked auyer to establish a specific auction schedule for projects of this technology throughout Spain, segmented by specific geographical areas, as well as use the Canary Islands as a "tractor" for deployment offshore wind, based on the cost avoided for the electrical system and for theState's general budgets(PGE).

On the offshore wind day: Spearhead of technological development, organized by Reoltec and the Wind Business Association (PREPA), stressed that the Spanish sector believes that technologyoffshore(marine) is a "competitive and strategic" alternative for the growth of industry and renewables in Spain, so it proposes to include specific objectives for it in 2030 according to its potential in the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan.

Virgilio Márquez argues that this technology stands "as one of the best alternatives to continue the sustainable growth of renewable energies in Europe and thus be able to meet the decarbonization objectives set for 2030 and 2050".

Last year in Europe, 2.65 marine wind gigawatts were installed, raising the installed capacity with this technology to 19 gigawatts. In Spain, windoffshoreSo far it has had little development due to the great depth on its coasts.

However, the sector considers that with the development of floating solutions, which have been tested in the Islands last year, there is evidence "the need to exploit the great potential of wind production that exists in Spain in deep water".

Thus, AEE proposes to promote this technology in Spain, in addition to the inclusion in the PNIEC of objectives for offshore wind, the design of a remuneration frameworkad hocfor the implementation of parksoffshorefloating based on cost avoided.

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