Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Business confidence rises in the second quarter and rises 0.3%

Business confidence rises in the second quarter and rises 0.3%

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The confidence of Spanish entrepreneurs dates back to the second quarter of 2019 and it goes up 0.3% against the fall of 1% of the first quarter of the year and after chaining two consecutive quarters of negative rates.

According to the indicator published this Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), confidence increases in transport and hospitality (2.9%), construction (0.3%) and other services (0.2%), while that falls in industry (0.4%) and trade (0.4%).

Regarding the quarter that begins and according to the expectations indicator, 20.8% of the managers of business establishments consider that the progress of their business will be favorable, while 15.2% think otherwise and 64.0% foresees normal.

In relation to the first quarter of 2019, 17.3% of managers of business establishments consider that it has been favorable, while 19.8% value the period with pessimism and 62.9% place it within normality.

The greatest increase in confidence between April and June occurred in the transport and hospitality sector, which led the general index to increase by 0.3%.

According to the size of the companies, the sector of those with less than 10 employees is the one that has increased the most confidence to increase 1.7% with respect to the previous quarter, followed by those of more than 1,000 employees, with a growth of 0.1%. Confidence in companies with between 10 and 49 employees and between 50 and 199 employees has fallen by 0.7%.

By autonomous communities, business confidence has increased in the second quarter in seven and has decreased in nine. The greatest increases were in the Balearic Islands (5.4%), Extremadura (3.3%) and the Community of Madrid (1.6%) compared to the largest decreases in Castilla y León (1.9%). , Canary Islands (1.6%) and Principality of Asturias (1.4%).

The increase in business confidence in the second quarter of this year is at levels close to that recorded in the same period of 2018, when it grew by 0.4%.

In the third quarter of 2018, confidence continued to increase by 0.5% but collapsed in the fourth quarter of last year, falling by 1.7% and in the first quarter of this year with a decrease of 1%.


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