October 21, 2020

Business competitiveness lessons

Business competitiveness lessons


Enhance the positioning of HR as a strategic function, recognizing the best practices in people management led by Human Resources directors. That is the goal of traditional Awards Morgan Philips Hudson, This year they reach their twelfth edition. Sponsored by Alphabet and the European University of Madrid, and with the support of ABC, the awards are developed on this occasion under the theme «Organizations that learn: learning potential to improve competitiveness». In an increasingly changing and complex environment, organizations have to make their business models move forward and adapt to new realities at the same rapid pace. That companies manage to make their critical capabilities evolve becomes an unavoidable need for the achievement of business objectives.

In this context, the jury of the awards has evaluated projects aimed at anticipating the skills that make a company a benchmark in its activity. «Learning in progress», from ING; «ULearn: high perfoming teams», by Uquifa; «Cinesa Cultural Transformation», from Cinesa Spain and Portugal, and «Contributing Professionalism», from Saint-Gobain Placo, have been chosen as finalists in the category of less than 2,500 employees. Initiatives that coincide in showing the importance of introducing and promoting in organizations a deep culture of continuous learning, in which all employees and collaborators feel involved and committed.

Involving the whole team is essential for the success of any strategy

Factors such as connectivity, data management, artificial intelligence, automation, etc. they already have an impact that will accelerate in the future. Training in these new tools and realities is essential to maintain a leadership position, but no strategy will achieve optimal results if the pride of belonging is not rooted in the companies. Definitely, Organizations that focus on people and learn to learn to keep growing.


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