August 5, 2021

«Burning»: Sitges is burning

«Burning»: Sitges is burning

All film festivals have their own head before movies. Sitges is a cartoon that shows the famous image of the city, which is the church. a palm tree and the sea, also leaving King Kong that is attacked by three planes that takes one of them and throws it into the sea. I review this because systematically this is the only festival in the world that the audience applauds this header passionately in each pass.

We go with the movies, "Burning" by Lee Chang-dong, it's a normal story, that is, it's not fantastic, it's not a thriller, it's normal, a love story, with a poor boyfriend and a rich boyfriend. This is how the movie goes until we end up sastifechos by the end although there is a character that disappears without us knowing where it is. I beg you, if you ever get to premiere, do not go see it because it is also very long since it lasts almost two and a half hours.

"Assassination Nation" by Sam Levinson, mobile phones again, but this movie entertaining, wild, violent and recommended for lovers of these emotions. It does not belong either to the genre that gives its name to this festival. There are some girls falsely accused of sexual type and it is a lie, they take revenge, it is where the violence arises. The funny thing is that the action takes place in Salem, where the famous witches, the film is a total and absolute victory of the vilified. But as it is American and the Universal tell us the images that tell us everything but we do not see them and that is intolerabe. In any case, if they accept this they can entertain themselves by watching it if it opens some day.

The last of the day, "Morto nâo fala", by Denilson Ramalho, a very original Brazilian film, something that is very appreciated, the autopsy attendant has the gift that the dead speak with him and he uses it for his particular cases as for example, that his wife cheats on him. This forensic assistant using his gift causes them to kill his wife's lover. Highly recommended film.


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