Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

Burka Theater brings the mythical photographer Robert Capa to life in Guiniguada

The tables ofGuiniguada Theaterhost this weekend two outstanding productions of the company Burka Theater, both directed by Nacho Almenar, protagonist of the last session ofAuthor's Sundaysthat organizes this space. Is aboutCap, a montage on the mystical photographer who covered the Spanish Civil War, the battle of Normanda, the liberation of Paris, among other civil conflicts, which can be seen today, andRussian Stories, which tomorrow stages stories of the Russian writer Antn Chjov.

Both productions come from the hand of a veteran Canarian company that has received national and international awards, such as four Rplica Awards, or two nominations for the Max Awards. There are contemporary proposals of classic texts, adaptations or own dramaturgies.

The story of Robert Capa, or rather of Endr and Gerda, the couple who really hide behind this pseudonym, created by Almenar, introduces us to the fascinating life of the one who is considered the best war photographer in the world, although he also takes advantage to address current issues, such as refugee issues, very close to our day.

At the beginning of the 30s, in full effervescence of interwar wars, the young photographers Endr Friedman and Gerda Pohorylle invented a fictional character named Robert Capa. Endr will definitely become Robert Capa, the most recognized war photoreporter of all time.


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