June 16, 2021

Burka Teatro, to the SIT audience: “What if our memories were taken away?”

Burka Theater, to the SIT audience: & quot; What if our memories were taken away? & Quot;

Burka Teatro, to the SIT audience: “What if our memories were taken away?”
Carlos Prieto

The new proposal by Aranza Coello and Burka Teatro, ‘TheRoomTobe’, disembarks this Saturday at 8:30 p.m. at the Insular Theater Hall (SIT).

The original montage, which was selected by the General Society of Authors (SGAE) for its Author Express 2019 Theater Collection, “is a scenic game that proposes us to confine ourselves,” explains Coello, although he wrote the text “long before the pandemic that it’s affecting us all. ”

‘TheRoomTobe’ proposes four individuals to meet in an indefinite space and time, with only four rules. The first: they have only 24 hours to recover memories that they do not have, because they have lost their memory and do not know who they are.

“They only have those 24 hours to play to be, to be or to seem”, adds its director, who details that the characters, played by herself, Pilar Duque, Irene Maquieira and Miguel de Miguel, “will try to recover their lives and their memories from starting from a great cloud where they will play to rescue them “.

The play, which mixes dance and word and is recommended for people over 14 years of age, therefore proposes “playing and reinventing ourselves” from a question: “And if our memories were taken away, who are we?”

Burka Teatro continues to delve into memory, its traps and constructions, after the success achieved with its previous work, ‘The battle’.

From the scenographic point of view, ‘TheRoomTobe’ is proposed as “a proposal with the public very close”, keeping, yes, all the sanitary measures against covid-19. In this sense, the layout of the room has been specially adapted so that the show can be seen “differently, at almost 360 degrees”.

At a price of 10 euros, your seats are available on the web www.salainsulardeteatro.com and at the Cuyás Theater box office (prior appointment can be requested by calling 928 432 181 or on the web www.teatrocuyas.com). In addition, an hour and a half before the performances, they will also be at the SIT box office (Avenida Primero de Mayo, s / n, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).

Looking for answers in dance and word

How long does mourning the death of a loved one last? How much heartbreak? How much to dream of the stranger in the elevator? How many times will a kiss, a tear or a traffic accident be repeating in the world at the same time? What makes a person stop at a traffic light in the big city and close their eyes? Burka Teatro asks in ‘TheRoomToBe’.

The montage parallels the 24-hour life of an insect, the ephymera, and revolves around four tightrope walker characters, interchangeable pieces in a continuous and imprecise balance. In this way, the actors will play with the borrowed memories, in one role and the opposite, in a systematic way; going in and out of the four type characters.

“Will this movement leave a residue in each one or is it possible to escape unscathed from the game of the ephemeral?”, The architects of this piece wonder where words and dance act as “romantic vehicles” and “imaginary” in which to submerge solitude. and the terror of dying alone.

“The vertigo of the abyss, of the awareness of the nearest or far end makes the characters search for each other without meeting, constructing ephemeral scenes in search of the eternal”, they explain, to finally question the viewer: is the ephemeral less enduring ?


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