June 19, 2021

'Bumpers': how to fall in love in just six seconds | Innovation

'Bumpers': how to fall in love in just six seconds | Innovation

They say that first impressions are the ones that count when it comes to falling in love or selling. And it is that the subject of the image, the voice, the environment, and other factors, are key to achieve an accurate impact. And if above, besides good is brief … well twice good!

This, of course, is perfectly extrapolated to any type of situation: find a partner, close a sale, make a presentation to a certain audience, create an advertisement. And is that the first seconds are key to attract the attention of the consumer. Therefore, brands are concerned that their products and the main messages of the campaign appear in the first place, along with a striking image that engages.

In this context, many brands have decided to make announcements in YouTube video formats very brief but very specific, to achieve a more effective communication, while efficient. These formats are the bumpers.

The ranking YouTube Ads Leaderboard special Bumpers is the ranking of the best ads of 6 seconds chosen based on factors such as total views, organic, and engagement with the audience; combined with a rating survey by users and carried out by independent consultant Ipsos. For this ranking the visualizations generated during this summer, in the period from July to September, were considered.

one) Milka

two) Suchard

3) Listerine

4) Phone House

5) Lollipops

6) Playmobil

7) Danone

8) The cow that laughs

9) Vision Lab

10) Font Vella

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