July 29, 2021

Bullying: 'Gorilla, tomboy': four years harassed by eight teenagers | Society

Bullying: 'Gorilla, tomboy': four years harassed by eight teenagers | Society

They arrived at the door of his house to prevent him from entering. They insulted her – "gorilla, tomboy, fat, giant, little girl …", the finest – and vexed without contemplations. They beat her and her boyfriend. They made anonymous phone calls, some at dawn. They tried, in short, to sink her into a bottomless pit, to lead her to a hell to which a sentence for bullying, now dictated by the Audience of Alicante, should in principle end. The ruling convicts eight teenagers to work 100 hours to benefit the community, among other measures, for assaulting, harassing and harassing a high school classmate for more than four years.

The resolution, made public this Wednesday by the Valencia Superior Court of Justice, confirms the ruling issued in April by a Juvenile Court for two minor offenses of injury and another against moral integrity through degrading treatment. Stalkers must also complete nine months of socio-educational tasks, which will be replaced, if they refuse, for five weekends of stay in a center, and they will not be able to approach the victim or communicate with her for 16 months.

His parents must compensate together the injured with 3,000 euros for moral damages, given the "significant suffering" suffered and that led him to stop going to class or even refuse to even go out.

The harassment without truce began in the school year 2012/2013 and lasted until the end of 2016 practically every day. Both inside and outside the school, in places like a park, a shopping center or the urbanization where she lived. There, in the same door of his house, groups of young people were planted to prevent him from entering or insulting him through a window.

Two of those teenagers, about 14 years old, approached her on January 12, 2016 when they left large supermarkets when accompanied by her boyfriend. The girl tried to be nice and greeted them, but they started insulting her, slapped her and threw her to the ground with a trip while injuring the boy who was accompanying her on the arm.

As always in these cases of bullying, that pair of thugs schoolchildren had taken it with the person they believed more vulnerable and they had succeeded in imitating a whole entourage of henchmen. Any place and fortuitous encounter became an anguished gulp for the injured, which came to leave for it in more than one occasion of the pool of his urbanización. He changed his routines, left classes and even refused to go out.

"It is accredited by the evidence witnessed that the child has suffered and suffers evident grief and discomfort with changing habits, not being indispensable in this case to determine other tests of an expert nature," says the Alicante Court.

The court in its third section guarantees that the eight defendants are found guilty of a crime against moral integrity, "although not all of them have intervened in each and every episode in which the victim was scorned, insulted or vexed."

For magistrates, "he who acts in this way is aware that his action is not an isolated act and that the different actions are added." The affected, therefore, can not "know to what extent one or the other insult affected more in their spirit. "The sum of all of them was, in short," the one that produced the emotional situation that has been fully accredited. "


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