Bullfighting fans ask for unity and demand integrity and seriousness to the sector | Culture

Bullfighting fans ask for unity and demand integrity and seriousness to the sector | Culture

Representatives of different clubs and bullfighting clubs in Spain called for unity among the fans and demanded integrity and rigor to bullfighters during the II International Bullfighting Congress, which takes place in Murcia.

With this approach began the third and final session of the meeting in a round table under the title 'Hobbies and popular celebrations' which was, in the end, one of the most interesting meetings of the congress because it served to expose the harsh reality of the squares of third of small towns in which the fiesta of the bulls is lived with as much intensity as few means.

All the participants went down to the arena and told of the difficulties they must overcome to maintain the love of the people who belong to the many bullfighting clubs that work in our country.

Vicente Nogueroles, president of the Federation of Bullfighting Clubs of Bous al Carrer de la Comunidad Valenciana, commented that "in the street there is the whole bull, the truth and the fear". "The fan goes to the festivities not because they are cheaper," he continued, "but because he is disappointed by what happens in the plaza."

Brave and crude was the intervention of Jesus Hijosa, mayor of Vilaseca de la Sagra (Toledo), a town of almost two thousand inhabitants with a deep-rooted bullfighting interest. "If you do not support the bases, there is no future," he said, referring to the bullfighting contest with and without picadors that are organized every year in the town and awarded the prestigious prizes Gold Potter and Silver Potter.

He denounced that announcing a celebration with horses has a cost that ranges between 40,000 and 50,000 euros and that each steer of three years has a price of 2,000 euros plus VAT. In this sense, he considered the need to find formulas to lower the price of the festivities, which, in his opinion, is an essential condition "to win the future".

Juan Pablo Corona, president of Cultural Promotion of the Hispano-American Tauromaquia, told about his Mexican experience about the popular celebrations, curdled, also of incomprehensions.

"The fans must be moved because the bullfighting tour around them," said Juan Coronel, president of the Bullfighting Club of Lorca, who moments before had a special memory for Paco Ureña, bullfighter from the town of Murcia.

"If fans support bullfighting," he continued, "we should not be afraid of politicians, and the future will be assured."

The president of the Taurino Club of Murcia, the oldest in Spain, affirmed without hesitation that "in this sector there is no unity and we have to talk more". And it went further: "The media have abandoned us."

Finally, the president of the Union of Federations of Amateur Taurines of Spain, Jorge Fajardo, corroborated the lack of unity among the fans, and denounced "the absence of a full show in all places." "Has an entrepreneur ever wondered why the fans flee?", He lamented, and concluded that "you have to be serious and look for the 'vote' of those who can attend the squares, and be next to the institutions , which are the ones that should watch over the bullfighting party ".


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