February 27, 2021

Bullfighting does not have to apologize for existing (despite everything) | Blog The bull, by the horns

Whatever the future of bullfighting, you do not have to apologize for existing.

Although fate has the fatality in store for her that she cannot finally overcome the serious wounds that the happy virus has inflicted on her and she is forced to disappear … Although that possibility could occur, she has no reason to ask for forgiveness.

Although those who think that the bullfighting festival runs the risk of dying from starvation due to forgetfulness, abandonment and laziness of the Government, which has the legal obligation to protect and promote it, may be right …

Put yourself as the anti-bullfighting put, both those who respectfully and publicly express their rejection and those others who hide in the cowardly anonymity of social networks to utter insults and show how creeping human beings can be … Put as put on, bull fans have no reason to apologize.

“Just as a chicken serves for a good broth, the bull exists for the fight” (J. Vidal)

The anti-bullfighting current is so strong that it is not surprising that many bullfighting lovers are assaulted by a certain guilt complex when they are described as ‘torturers’, ‘psychopaths’ or criminals.

Well, no. A bullfighting fan is not a scrap human because you enjoy and get excited with the fight of a brave animal in front of a heroic human being who risks his life in the effort.

The Constitutional Court has already said this: the diversity of opinions does not condition the cultural character of bullfighting; that is to say, it is necessary to distinguish between the taste of each and freedom.

And it is not a question, at this point, of offering every day a mountain of data to justify the existence of the bulls, as if this were necessary to silence the wounded conscience of each fan.

It is good enough to repeat a thousand times that bullfighting is part of the history of this country, and of the tradition and sentiment of millions of people; that it is a first-rate economic sector that employs and creates wealth; that the bull, a totemic animal, exists because the party is alive, that it is a guardian of the pasture, an environmental agent and a fighter against climate change.

Stretched out in the Plaza de Las Ventas.
Stretched out in the Plaza de Las Ventas.

It is already well of justifications. Because they all sadly sound like the Latin adage excusatio non petita, accusatio manifes. Therefore, excuses are enough, even if they are real, because they all sound like accusations.

The teacher Joaquín Vidal repeated it very graphically: “Just as a chicken serves to make a good broth, the bull exists for the fight in the square.”

And the explanations are over.

Whoever is not attracted to the party, who does not go to the squares and who lets those who enjoy it live in peace. That many others do not agree with the animal castration of dogs and cats or with the canine life between four walls of a floor, and for this reason they do not lead a campaign against the prevailing petism.

The bullfighting sector is still waiting for Culture’s response to its requests

Of course, the appearance of the virus has coincided in time with the less bullfighting government of democracy, both reasons enough for concern about the future of the party.

On April 22, representatives of the bullfighting sector met with the Ministry of Culture, to which they have presented a document – endorsed by 600 entities – with 37 measures to face the serious crisis derived from the covid-19. And there has been the echo of the good intentions of the Administration that have not yet been reflected in concrete decisions.

Since then, the Council of Ministers has met three times, and on the 5th day it approved different grants for the cultural industries, without any expression of bullfighting. It is not even clear that the agreed unemployment benefits for public performance artists affect bullfighters.

This past Wednesday, the Unión de Criadores de Toros de Lidia met with senior officials from the Ministry of Culture, and it appears from the ranchers’ note that there were attentive ears, but nothing more.

Nothing good appears on the horizon. Certainly, the first warning was devastating: nine square meters for each spectator of a bullfighting celebration in phase 3 of the de-escalation, a condition that does not affect any other show.

Is it true, then, that this Government could be considering that it is the virus that ends the party?

If that were so, and could happen, it will not be by decision of those who command, but by the passivity of those affected, more concerned with asking for forgiveness than justice.

Neither this nor any government will ban bullfighting to avoid a social rebellion – similar to that produced by the dry law in the United States – which would be joined by those who, without being fans, prefer freedom to coercion. If anything, politicians will ignore the sector and favor its disappearance. And this will only happen if the sector allows it. In other words, if you just ask for forgiveness for existing.

And all this despite what?

The bullfighting sector must assert all its constitutional rights despite the fact that it is not a benchmark of unity, commitment, seriousness and trust vis-à-vis the Administration and its own clients.

Despite the fact that bullfighting are a mixture of competing interests, and never in all history, they have sat down to look for points of union. It is true that the strength of the party did not make it necessary, but now it does, and it turns out, of course, that they are untrained.

Despite the fact that the sector prefers to cry before structuring a reconversion that seems essential …

Despite the fact that all professionals are aware – or should be – that the solution to the current crisis must start with those who live from the party, because it will not be this Government, or any other, that offers a friendly hand to raise them up. .

Despite the fact that, at times, they divert attention with absurd and sterile controversies, such as that maintained on social networks by the bullfighter Cayetano, who has entered the rag of the comments of an actress, and has offered free publicity to anti-bullfighting.

In conclusion, bullfighting will be what you want to be; what their professionals and fans decide. And it will only disappear the day – hopefully it doesn’t come – that his clients, tired of being fed up, turn their backs on him.

Meanwhile, no asking for forgiveness. On the contrary, it is necessary to show demand, pride and passion for belonging to a group of women and men who pay homage to the bull. Amen.


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