June 14, 2021

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Bullfighting is suffering the most critical moment in its history. Nothing like this has ever happened. Without a doubt. And, the worst thing is that she is deprived, disoriented, overwhelmed …

The coronavirus has plunged the world of the bull into gloom, bewilderment, disbelief … This is a biblical curse, a nightmare, a ruin, bullfighting and fans rightly lament.

Certainly, it is the society as a whole that suffers the terrible consequences of this pandemic, but the bullfighting sector has been fully supported by the suspension / postponement of the important fairs at the beginning of the season; it is assumed that San Isidro, the most important in the world, will be canceled, and the appointment of San Fermín and many others on the bullfighting calendar are in very serious danger.

Can all fairs be held in the fall? Who guarantees that by then thousands of spectators will be allowed to gather in a closed room? If it were possible, how many people would prefer to stay at home before exposing themselves to a hypothetical contagion in a new wave of the happy virus? And what’s more: if it is confirmed that this crisis will bring economic and employment devastation, will there be money in the pockets to go to the ticket offices?

There are many fans who think that the season is over

Not a few people think, although the occurrence chills them all, that the season is over, that 2020 will have to be given up and the gear prepared for next year. It may sound crazy, but the current situation does not offer data for optimism. (Yes, in the end, a little walk is possible before Christmas, blessed be God).

If such misfortune happens, thousands of bulls will remain in the field, many farms will go bankrupt and some will disappear; Few bullfighters can live on healthy bank accounts, and an overwhelming majority will have to seek income in other sectors; a blank year also for entrepreneurs, some of whom have already invested lost money in advertising campaigns; a ruin for the many auxiliary arts that live from the bullfighting festival; and another for all temporary jobs that move around bulls, bullfighters and festivities.

What can be done in the face of this tsunami that threatens to devastate bullfighting in the 21st century?

First of all, demand what corresponds to you by law.

Paseíllo in the bullring of La Algaba (Seville).

Paseíllo in the bullring of La Algaba (Seville).

The current government will surely approve, sooner or later, extraordinary measures to support the cultural sectors. Bullfighting is the cultural heritage of this country and has the same right as cinema, theater or music to participate in these grants. With more reason, even, because it is forgotten in the General State Budgets.

But nobody thinks that this would be a gift from the current Executive. There are few who dream that this storm will definitely end the party. For this reason, the sector will have to win hard, it must work, fight and demand it. You must go out into the street, if necessary, to defend what corresponds to you in justice.

Yes, but it is that the sector is very divided, it protects sometimes conflicting interests, and it seems impossible an internal agreement on what are the conflicts and the solutions. Well, that will be a problem for the sector and not for a tough Ministry of Culture, willing to speak, in all certainty, but not to support the bullfighting festival. Cicatero, yes. Does anyone in their right mind believe that the Central Administration will approve own motu measures in favor of bullfighting? (An example: as reported by the bullfighting portal CultoroIn the first 15 days of alarm, TVE has not made the slightest reference to bulls as an economic / cultural sector affected by the pandemic).

By a star of fate, the sector necessarily faces its own miseries: it either forgets personal and selfish interests, disagreements and quarrels and clothes bullfighting as a single man or is exposed to disappearance.

The time has come for the revolution that bullfighting needs and refuses to make for itself

And, secondly, perhaps the time has come to start the internal revolution that bullfighting refuses to make for itself, clinging as it is to past, stale and outdated approaches that only benefit a few.

Perhaps, it would be necessary to adapt the party to the circumstances and needs of the current time, revitalize it, regenerate it, change it from top to bottom to prevent the bleeding of the constant flight of fans, spread new ones and retain the public as possible.

If bullfighting is paralyzed for a whole season, he runs the risk of returning with little vitality, like every sick person who gets out of bed after a long convalescence.

The sector will have to sit down to truly face and at once the urgent need to relocate bullfighting in the 21st century. You must park for a moment the certain danger of external enemies and undertake the very serious diseases of their own that threaten their existence.

It will be necessary to encourage it, then, with a new model that will heal the battered and, at times, chaotic, bullfighting economy; with imaginative and capable entrepreneurs offering posters that spark lost interest; with political leaders from autonomous communities and “bullfighting” municipalities that facilitate the revival; with amortized bullfighters to withdraw at once and give free passage to young people with new hopes; with established figures who come out of their comfort zone and deal with livestock different from the half dozen that have become their exclusive and pernicious whim; with silver bullfighters ready to renegotiate their situation to expand their future. It will be necessary to return to the bull the lost prominence… It will be necessary to look for purity and orthodoxy.

Everything will have to be done, as difficult and hard as it may seem, before ignoring that bullfighting is at the most critical moment of its existence.

He has suffered, it is true, religious and political prohibitions, but he always overcame them due to the push of a ‘raging’ citizenship of hobby that devastated the decisions of popes and kings.

The party is still part of the history and tradition of this country, but times have changed, and society does not participate in it today with the same passion of yesteryear.

Hence the urgency for the entire sector to rethink the present and, above all, the future.

Because it’s not just about celebrating a few celebrations before the end of 2020, but about laying the foundations for a new show.

With all certainty, it will be possible to overcome this tremendous adversity with the help of all. Bullfighting deserves it.

(Hopefully fate will bring us together again soon …).


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