Bullfighters and dancers, those who will most feel the latest Costa Budget

Bullfighters and dancers, those who will most feel the latest Costa Budget

The bullfighters and dancers will be the workers who will most feel the effects of the latest Budgets of the socialist António Costa, who arrive today in Parliament with important tax changes in both cases.

The bullfighters, banderilleros, "forcados" and other bullfighting artists will no longer have the VAT exemption that until now was applied to them and will pay a rate of 13%, a measure promoted by the PAN animal party.

The figure contrasts with the general decline of live cultural shows, such as plays and concerts, which will have an IVA from 13% to 6%.

The dancers also have good news, in whatever their artistic specialty, whose profession will be considered as "quick wear".

This implies that workers can deduct from their IRS tax return (similar to the Spanish IRPF) the amount destined to insurance for illness, personal accidents or life insurance that contemplate risk of death, disability or old age retirement.

These changes are part of the "curiosities" of the Budgets for 2019, the latest in the legislature of António Costa, which are presented today in Parliament for discussion and which promise to alleviate the burden on families.

Some of the measures to achieve this entail a reduction in the electricity bill, free textbooks in all compulsory education, up to 18 years, and a maximum limit for the promotion of university enrollments.

Pensions will also be updated, the cuts applied to early retirement for workers of at least 63 years will be reduced and the tax burden on employees will be reduced through a change in the contribution of their overtime.

The document will begin its procedure in the Parliament on October 29 and, after passing through the respective committees, will face the final vote in the House on November 29.

The Socialists need the vote in favor of their leftist partners, the Portuguese Communist Party and the Marxists of the Bloc de Esquerda, with whom they have already approved the other three budgets of this legislature.


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