Buenos Aires opens the first Pride House for the LGBTIQ + collective

Buenos Aires opens the first Pride House for the LGBTIQ + collective

The Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires opened on Thursday the doors of the first House of Pride, a space to promote and protect the rights of the LGBTIQ + collective and thus promote cultural development.

"This House of Pride arises from a dream (…), to think about the possibility of teaching policies that contain contention and that respond to a population that was historically violated," said the City's Under Secretary for Human Rights, Pamela Malewicz, at the inauguration of the center located in the porteño neighborhood of Constitución.

The purpose of the space is to accompany the members of the collective from childhood to old age, to promote their rights, equal treatment and equal opportunities.

In this way, the center will offer training workshops, artistic courses, cultural activities, therapeutic and legal advice, and even guided visits, in order to encourage the integration and exchange of knowledge and experiences related to the group's problems.

"The construction of our identity is done at an early age, so that is why visits that come from schools are very important, because they will be able to know all their sexual and reproductive rights," said the president of the Families Association Various from Argentina (AFDA), Andrea Rivas, one of the organizations managing the project.

AFDA, specialized in family diversity, the Puerta Abierta organization, aimed at LGBTIQ + senior citizens, and the Undersecretary of Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism, are the promoters of the initiative.

For its part, the director of Puerta Abierta, Graciela Balestra, pointed out the importance of the center for adults.

"Maybe young people have other alternatives to interact, but older adults have spent decades of their lives in silence without being able to say who they were, and today they have a space where they can meet and show who they are freely is wonderful," said Balestra.

The dozens of attendees enjoyed the opening day of a Joy Choir show and the music of the Israeli dissident Sagi Kariv.

A few meters from the House of Pride, the Government also opened in June 2017 the first Trans House in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Cristóbal.

This center shares the same objectives of the space that was inaugurated today, but is specifically aimed at the transsexual community.

In addition, Casa Trans offers a health service that, among other activities, conducts HIV tests.


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