February 25, 2021

‘Buenas Tardes Canarias’ reaches its audience record

The program Buenas Tardes Canarias (BTC) on Televisión Canaria has reached its audience record. The space achieved 65,000 viewers on average throughout a broadcast of almost four hours and a 12.1% share in its broadcast last Wednesday. The current affairs magazine, created and produced by Doble Diez TV, thus obtains the support of viewers and focuses on live current affairs and useful content for citizens

BTC, now in its fifth season on the grid, successfully endorses its vocation of public service in the public chain of the Islands, combining the current story from Monday to Friday with citizen testimony and sections on useful matters.

Wednesday’s broadcast, focused largely on the last hour on the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Canary Islands and the measures taken on the island of Tenerife, easily led the audience among the afternoon spaces dedicated to current affairs between the generalist chains.

With a team of 80 professionals, BTC has established itself as the benchmark for Canary Island viewers in the evening hours.

Current content

Through a format focused on current affairs, but also on useful content for the citizen, such as the specific sections dedicated to health, the rights of workers and consumers or citizen security, with the support of reputable experts and the common effort of a whole team of professionals and collaborators. Good afternoon Canarias, presented by José Croissier and Rebeca Paniagua, occupies the strip of the grid of the Canary Islands Autonomous Television between 4.30 and 20.20 hours.


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