Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Buenafuente returns as a "king" after his medical leave

Two weeks after leave temporarily his programme
Late Motiv
of # 0 in Movistar + for medical problems – was subjected to a operation from backAndreu Buenafuente came back to television with more force than ever. Thus we could see it in the parody starring the comedian in "The Return of the King", a
where he emulated a scene from Lord of the Rings.

In addition, during his initial monologue, the Catalan wanted to thank for the samples of affection received, the days that his companions replaced him, and make it clear that he has "come back in shape" to present the Goya 2020 awards gala.

Buenafuente performs his first monologue after his medical leave

Buenafuente performs his first monologue after his medical leave

A medical problem that was detected by the presenter motivated Buenafuente to have passed through the operating room having to move away from television for two weeks. After this break, Late Motiv he received his boss with a funny gag in which they parodied a scene of

Lord of the Rings.
More specifically, the starring Frodo when he woke up in a bed to meet his loved ones.

Buenafuente played the character of Elijah Wood, while I saw the rest with the face of their program partners. In addition, during his monologue the presenter reassured the audience with his particular irony.

“I'm already better, I'm back in shape. I am as always, I have entered perfect and after the Goya I can join even the Circus of the Sun", He said. Although "I had a bad time, I have seen the movie of my life go ahead but as I work at Movistar + many images were paid".

Finally, Buenafuente thanked the different presenters who have been replacing him in recent days – Bob Pop, Miguel Maldonado, Facu Díaz, Raúl Cimas, Javier Coronas and Silvia Abril-: “Thanks to all the partners which have made it possible for two weeks to be issued. I no longer say how, but to be issued. ”

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